Friday, June 30, 2006

I give up!


The title of this post is way more appropriate than I intended.

I typed up the whole entry, went to copy it in case Blogger ate it while it was posting, and it DELETED. I Ctrl-Z’d to undo and get it back, but it would not come! I kicked myself for not tying it in Word, since I know Blogger likes to eat posts, and typed it all up again. I finally finish, go to copy it, and IT DISAPPEARS AGAIN!

I am typing in Word this time.

“I Give Up: Take 3!”

I have been late to work every day this week.

I leave early, hit crazy traffic, and get there 10 minutes late.

I leave extra early, hit extra crazy traffic, and get there 10 minutes late.

Today I left super duper early, because I’ve been craving cheese fries from Steak & Shake, and haven’t had time to get them, and if I don’t get them soon, I will die!

So I get about half a mile from my house, and it traffic that’s totally backed up. It takes me 20 minutes to get to Branson West, which is only 6 miles away!

I finally make it to Steak & Shake right at 3pm, which is when I am supposed to be at work, but that’s okay, since it is only 3 minutes from work, all I have to do is grab some cheese fries and go!

You know that point when you’ve been sitting in the drive-thru for about 10 minutes, and you can’t decide if you should just drive off and leave, or wait it out, since you’ve already invested so much time? I was 10 minutes late for work at this point, but I was getting my cheese fries no matter what!

FINALLY, at about 3:15, I make it to the window, and the woman tells me that it will be $6.75.

“But I only ordered cheese fries!”

There’s a pause as she looks at a receipt, and then actually says “No, you ordered a peach shake and a mocha shake.”

A few seconds go by while I try to form words, and then say, “Noooo…. I ordered cheese fries!”

A few minutes of shuffling through receipts and pushing buttons later, I have my $2.85 (not $6.75!) cheese fries, and I finally make it to work, 20 minutes late.

I just can’t get over the “No, you ordered a peach shake and a mocha shake!” I know I’ve been waiting in line for quite a while by now, but I really think I remember what I asked for!

The only problem?

Now I really want a peach shake.

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