Friday, July 14, 2006

Nerds Unite!

I haven't got the energy to post about Mexico yet, so instead, I'll give you this super-duper nerdy conversation with Kelly!

WARNING! Contains Superman spoilers! And X3. And stuff.

(It may help if you know that I just asked how Lois Lane could be pregnant with a kid that was Superman's, but she thought was Richard's. If she's that bummed about him leaving, why is she off making babies with someone new within weeks?)

Crystal: so it's like... Superman leaves, and three days later, Evil Chick hops in bed with Cyclops?

Kelly: Exactly!

Paradoxikel: Here is my take on it:

Crystal: "Oh, boo hoo, I am sad, but I am going to steal this guy from jean grey!"

Kel: Sman leaves. Lois is depressed, drinking a

Kel: Cyclops is all, dude, my girlfriend just died.

Crystal: rofl

Kel: Lois passes him the whiskey.

Crystal: um, wait, she killed him fist.

Crystal: this is why you shouldn't mix DC and Marvel

Kel: No, Jean Grey "died" in movie 2!
Kel: So it was a while back!

Crystal: OH! Okay, okay.

Kel: It all fits!

Kel: Sman leaves, Jean Grey crushed by tsunami...

Kel: Lois and Cyclops roll in the hay.

Crystal: but wait, where does Wolverine fit in again?

K: I think they don't make leather in Metropolis.

K: So he couldn't come.

Crystal: Shouldn't the kid be able to burn stuff with his eyes either way?

K: Or maybe he was hiding out in the very Central Park looking place.

K: The kid was a germophobe freak until Sman came back!

Crystal: Or maybe Wolverine just has a thing against Lois because she's really dating Will Turner

K: Hmmm.

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