Friday, August 04, 2006

Babies of the 80's (X-posted from MySpace)

So, how great is it that Cartoon Network has been playing Pee-Wees Playhouse? (At the expense of Mission Hill, though, which makes me sad. Ill miss random perverted guy on the street the most. Luckily, he lives on at YouTube (NSFW)

The weird thing about the re-airing of Pee Wee is that although it has been twenty years TWENTY YEARS since I last saw these episodes, I remember them with astounding clarity. A certain storyline will pop up, and Im amazed that I remember it. (I totally had to make fruit juice ice cubes after Pee-Wee did!). And come on, Morpheous in chaps? If that isnt worth my TV viewing time, what is? Rejoice, children of the 80s, for our childhood has returned!

These last few days have been a sort of quiet period of recovery for me. My two youngest nieces (9 and 11) were at my house for an entire *week*, which despite my huge love for them, is way too long. Plus I had the Blogathon going on in the middle of their stay, which made it really bad timing. And oh! Sweet Blogathon! Thanks to you awesome people, I raised $200 for Doctors Without Borders this year! That is by far the best year Ive had so far- in the past my totals have been less than $100. Thank you all SO much, for both the donations and the late night encouragement! (And to Kellylou for the guestpost! Next year, you should drive over and well blog together! But no shots, or then I will not survive it.)

It is 5:30am, and tomorrow at work is going to be super-busy (more than 50 check-ins, YUCK!), so I should consider getting some sleep, or at least getting back into my seriously overdue library books, but I had the bright idea to hit the treadmill at 4:30, so now I am all awake. The debut of our tribal fusion dance is coming up in September, which until now has seemed like a really long away, but is coming up FAST. Impending performance costume top that is basically a bra = treadmill. Im lucky that I dont generally worry about my body much, and lost most of what was left of my modesty back in my days of working at Dixie, (I wonder what ever happened to that guy Wes. He was awfully cute. And Todd. And wow, I should go work there again.) but even for me, the idea of dancing around in front of a fairly large crowd of people in your bra can motivate you into a little extra workout time. Dont expect me to be giving up chocolate or anything crazy, though. If I ever become THAT girl, you have permission to shoot me.

It sounds like a storm is rolling in the perfect soundtrack for sleep.

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