Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dye my darling!

My hair and I have been having a disagreement for the last several years. My natural haircolor is a sort of medium brown, while my haircolors of choice range through various shades of auburn and red, depending on my mood.

Every now and then, my hair will cooperate, and turn red. Usually, not so much. The funny thing is that it almost always does the exact opposite of what it should. If I pick up a box of dye that shows the results as being a very mild reddish-brown, by hair will go full out red. However, the more outstanding the red on the box, the more likely my hair will end up brown.

A few days ago I noticed that my natural shade was once again making quite the appearance (since I dye my hair so often, and have such a short attention span for colors, I use the semi-permanant dyes that last around a month, so they just fade out rather than cause roots), and the really scary thing is that instead of its old medium brown color, my natural haircolor is now turning a light golden brown. This is much, much too close to possibly being associated with blonde for me, and thus it must go away very, very quickly.

I was in the mood for something super bright, maybe a little unusual (although I knew I couldn't keep it that way for long, because our tribal fusion costume for dance includes hairpieces, and my hair needs to match them at least a little) so I picked up a box of the new L'Oreal Color Pulse stuff- the boxes show incredibly vibrant shades of red, which was just what I wanted. I got the iced coffee shade, and a few days later, finally got the chance to use it.

The dye package claims "vibrant ultra-shiny color". The package itself is metallic orange, and the mousse, when applied to the head, turns a pleasing shade of pumpkin. One would guess these would all be good signs towards very red hair, no?

Half an hour of dying later, I'm sure you can guess the results.

My hair is a very boring brown.

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