Friday, August 04, 2006

Extreme huh?

The local theme park, Silver Dollar City, is having its annual kids fest, and every day as I drive past on my way to work, I see their advertisement for "Extreme Parrots!". Now I just heard the ad for kidsfest on TV, including a mention of the Extreme Parrots. So, my question is this: Just how can parrots be extreme? Do they skydive, land on a mountain, and snowboard down? My brain just can not figure out any way in which parrots can be extreme. This made me come to the realization that I hvae a pet peeve about the overuse of the word "extreme" as a trendy word. When it is so overused that people start applying it to parrots? Then it is a problem.

At least they didn't spell it X-Treme, or something equally hideous. I'm not sure I could take it.

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