Saturday, August 19, 2006

I’m hitting that time in the year where I just don’t think I can deal with another idiot. The traffic is driving me nuts. I’m actually looking forward to winter, when all of the tourists go home, and just leave my little corner of the world alone.

I have had THREE people in the past few weeks bitch at me because the phones in our rooms don’t do long distance calls. A) Our phone system is not my decision, b) get a damn cell phone, idiot.

Just to keep things interesting, the hotel across the street from here was robbed last night. Apparently the thief was really stupid, because he asked the front desk person to show him a room first, which means she got a really good look at him. Apparently he was really, really stupid, because someone said they saw the car down at the gas station last night, surrounded by 6 cop cars. Apparently he was really, really, really stupid, because he only got away with $7. This stuff is too good to make up.

Everything inside me tells me to leave behind the life of sitting at a desk all day and answering stupid questions from rude people, to pack up and go travel, but unfortunately sitting behind the desk and dealing with stupid people is what brings in the money that will eventually fund the travel. So until I randomly stumble upon a $20,000 bill on the street, here I sit.

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Em said...

you know, you could just country hop for the next few years. save up a few grand, get a work visa in a country of your choosing. go there. get a cheap place to stay, find a low paying job, and just live there a few months. see the local sites, absorb the culture, and when you have enough again go to the next country.
let me know when you go to japan. i will go with you!