Thursday, August 17, 2006


Every now and then I hop over to the page that has all the stats for my webpage, and check out what people have searched for that led them to my site. Today, the list was topped by "Dave Salmoni pictures."

I found this kind of funny because although it has been like a year since I first saw that "Into the Lions Den" show and Dave joined my list of TV boyfriends (along with Hank Azaria and Jeremy Piven), it was just recently on again, and I wondered if I had ever posted about his wonderfulness and my desire to have his babies. I guess that I can assume, according to the search strings, that at some point I did!

The sad thing? I did a google search, so I could supply you people with the Dave pictures you're searching for, and there are only like FOUR on the whole entire internets! That is a crime against humanity and women who like biceps.

Here's one of the few I could find:

I promise to whip out my camera next time the show is on and take some pictures of the TV. Nobody should be deprived.

But seriously, y'all, I claimed him first.

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