Friday, September 29, 2006


Well, *this* sucks!

I went to bed around 1:30 last night, but didn't fall asleep till about 3. (Try sleeping with a 26 pound cat who tosses and turns a lot, and see how well you sleep!) I had to get up at 6am (Did you know they make a 6 in the morning, too? Crazy!) to set up our yard sale stuff, and did the sale thing until about 1:30, when I was pretty sure I was going to die, and went to lay down. Again, couldn't sleep- our house has an alarm system that beeps anytime a door is opened, and with my neices at the house, it was beeping every other minute. So, I just laid in bed with Lula for about half an hour, and watched her sleep. I only got interruped three times with yard sale questions, too!

So, I've essentially already been up 24 hours as I'm driving to work. You know that feeling when you've been up since yesterday, and you're kind of disoriented and shaky? That's me! And it is only the beginning of the work day! Well, I actually have 2 hours down now, but 6 to go - eep!

My middle sister & El Nephew are coming down tonight to bring stuff they want to sell, and help with the sale tomorrow. So, even more people! Maybe that will at least mean I won't have to drag myself out of bed at 6 again! More likely, though, it will mean I'll just get even less sleep.

Luckily, just 99 days till vacation! Woo! And I think I made around $50 at the sale today, which goes straight into the vacation fund! Now I just need to stay alive long enough to spend it!


What do you do when you are totally exhausted? When you are so, so tired, to the point of wanting to CRY you are so tired, when you are so worn out that you are actually sick? What do you do when you know that after you get home at 11:30 tonight, you need to finish pricing your yard sale stuff, and then get up at 6am to set up, and then run the sale from then until 2:30, when you leave for work, where you will be till 11? And then again on Saturday? (And oh man, how you hope you will feel better by Saturday, because there is a wedding involving a pig! And that kind of thing can not be missed!) When your body has gone so long without a break that it is just giving up?

When you are so very tired from all of this, and you call your house from work, and find out that your mother has brought your two neices (8 & 10), over for the weekend?

You break out the vodka, my friends.

Which is probably a very bad idea when you are not much of a drinker, and SO can not hold your alcohol, and have to be up very early tomorrow.

Yes, probably a very bad idea, but it sure makes slapping neon colored price tags on boxes and boxes of stuff a lot more fun.

And seriously? You know you have all been spending way too much time getting ready for the yard sale when you come home and find a $3 price tag stuck to the cat. That is when it has just gone too far.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Oh man, I just watched the premiere of "House of Carters", a new reality show about former (or still? who knows?) Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his family. One word- Trainwreck! This is going to be a new guilty pleasure, I can tell.

I think that Bobbie Jean (called BJ- hee!) is going to be my favorite, because a) she was drunk the entire first episode, b) the way she keeps lighting her cigarette on the stove burner, and c) her name is BJ. How can you not love?

And when did Aaron carter become the blonde Kevin Federline? I remember the little blonde kid rapping about partying with basketball players, when did he turn into the poster boy for white trash? Yeah, that was harsh, but I swear there is no other description possible!

So much drama in this family! Yep, yet another reason I need to get a damn DVR!

(You too can marvel at the first episode here!: )

Oh, and *other* reason to get it- Anthony Rapp posted on his blog today that he's going to have a reoccuring role on some new series that airs on Wednesdays. Um... how many shows can you fit on a dvr, anyway?

And the other-other (other other other other) reasons I must have some form of DVR/TiVo friend- Grey's started last week, Gilmore Girls starts tomorrow, and Animal Planet is airing that awesome Blue Planet series again. I need a life.

Along the lines of shows that I *don't* have to TiVo, I finally got the entire series of Wonderfalls on DVD today (Yay!). Oh, beautiful prematurely canceled series, I love thee so! I've been sitting here having a nice little marathon. Fun! (Dear Tyron Leitso, Call me! Thanks!)

I also got the 2-disk Rent DVD today. (Oooh, two Anthony Rapp related things in one post!) I spent half of my work day watching the bonus features disk. Ah, quality work time! (Dear Anthony Rapp- Marry me? K, thanks!)

I have spent way too much moneys lately, as evident by the two dvd orders mentioned above. I also bought Maggie ('s book, because I've been reading her blog forever, so I'm pretty sure that buying her book is my civic duty now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I know this is a horrible thing to say, but it is really, really funny when people typo 9-11 as "7-11".

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was flipping through the new issue of Glamour magazine today, and came across a sidebar article that was supposed to answer the question "I'm living from paycheck to paycheck. How can I stop?" As someone who just got paid, did the math, and figured out that I need to return the jeans I bought to be able to afford gas for the month, it caught my attention.

The advice? Save $2 a day, and after 10 years, that will be $9,300 if you get 5% interest.

Um, good advice in theory. But where am I supposed to GET that extra $60/month to save? The whole idea of living paycheck to paycheck implies that you don't HAVE money left over after the bills are paid. Thus, that advice makes NO sense.

I bring this up because this is about the five *millionth* article I've seen along these lines. Someone writes in (supposedly) and asks "All of my money goes to bills- how can I save for the future?" or any variation thereof. EVERY time, the "financial expert" tells the dear writer that all they have to do is give up their monthly spa appointment, and they'll save a bundle! Or they recommend something like the above- "If you just put 5% of your paycheck directly into a savings account, you'll have plenty of extra money saved in no time!"

Can the financial expert type people just not comprehend the concept of NOT having lots of spare money? Or do they make up this crap and call it an answer because they don't want to admit that they don't know what to do?

There has been a lot more public attention on those struggling to get by lately- the book "Nickel and Dimed" gave the issue of how impossible it is to get by in America a big push into the spotlight. The idea behind the book, if you haven't read it, is that the author moves to a city, gets a job that pays the average amount for that area ($7-9 in most places), and tries to survive. Not to spoil the book for you, but it is impossible. And yet the majority of the people in this country do exactly that.

The only way that I have any leftover cash at all, and am not living in a cardboard box or selling my organs for cash, is that I don't have to pay rent. If I had to shell out another $300-$400 a month? I would have to take a second job. I would be screwed.

All I really want to see is a magazine article like this one that actually answers the question. When someone asks "How can I get ahead when I have no money left after paying bills?" and you tell them "Just set a bunch of extra money aside!", it is no different than saying "Let them eat cake!".

So I e-mailed the author and said just that.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It just occoured to me that Pee Wee Herman was the Martha Stewart of my generation.

Seriously! Pee Wee taught us how to make cards and snacks and crafts, just like Martha. And hey, they both ended up in jail!

Two peas in a pod.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Boards!

Just finished setting up new message boards for my site. The old ones were having problems with spammers trying to register every day, and it got annoying.

New ones are at:

They are sad and empty, go fill them with good stuff!