Friday, September 29, 2006


Well, *this* sucks!

I went to bed around 1:30 last night, but didn't fall asleep till about 3. (Try sleeping with a 26 pound cat who tosses and turns a lot, and see how well you sleep!) I had to get up at 6am (Did you know they make a 6 in the morning, too? Crazy!) to set up our yard sale stuff, and did the sale thing until about 1:30, when I was pretty sure I was going to die, and went to lay down. Again, couldn't sleep- our house has an alarm system that beeps anytime a door is opened, and with my neices at the house, it was beeping every other minute. So, I just laid in bed with Lula for about half an hour, and watched her sleep. I only got interruped three times with yard sale questions, too!

So, I've essentially already been up 24 hours as I'm driving to work. You know that feeling when you've been up since yesterday, and you're kind of disoriented and shaky? That's me! And it is only the beginning of the work day! Well, I actually have 2 hours down now, but 6 to go - eep!

My middle sister & El Nephew are coming down tonight to bring stuff they want to sell, and help with the sale tomorrow. So, even more people! Maybe that will at least mean I won't have to drag myself out of bed at 6 again! More likely, though, it will mean I'll just get even less sleep.

Luckily, just 99 days till vacation! Woo! And I think I made around $50 at the sale today, which goes straight into the vacation fund! Now I just need to stay alive long enough to spend it!

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