Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Oh man, I just watched the premiere of "House of Carters", a new reality show about former (or still? who knows?) Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his family. One word- Trainwreck! This is going to be a new guilty pleasure, I can tell.

I think that Bobbie Jean (called BJ- hee!) is going to be my favorite, because a) she was drunk the entire first episode, b) the way she keeps lighting her cigarette on the stove burner, and c) her name is BJ. How can you not love?

And when did Aaron carter become the blonde Kevin Federline? I remember the little blonde kid rapping about partying with basketball players, when did he turn into the poster boy for white trash? Yeah, that was harsh, but I swear there is no other description possible!

So much drama in this family! Yep, yet another reason I need to get a damn DVR!

(You too can marvel at the first episode here!: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=603305098732670896&q=house+of+carters )

Oh, and *other* reason to get it- Anthony Rapp posted on his blog today that he's going to have a reoccuring role on some new series that airs on Wednesdays. Um... how many shows can you fit on a dvr, anyway?

And the other-other (other other other other) reasons I must have some form of DVR/TiVo friend- Grey's started last week, Gilmore Girls starts tomorrow, and Animal Planet is airing that awesome Blue Planet series again. I need a life.

Along the lines of shows that I *don't* have to TiVo, I finally got the entire series of Wonderfalls on DVD today (Yay!). Oh, beautiful prematurely canceled series, I love thee so! I've been sitting here having a nice little marathon. Fun! (Dear Tyron Leitso, Call me! Thanks!)

I also got the 2-disk Rent DVD today. (Oooh, two Anthony Rapp related things in one post!) I spent half of my work day watching the bonus features disk. Ah, quality work time! (Dear Anthony Rapp- Marry me? K, thanks!)

I have spent way too much moneys lately, as evident by the two dvd orders mentioned above. I also bought Maggie (mightygirl.net)'s book, because I've been reading her blog forever, so I'm pretty sure that buying her book is my civic duty now.

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