Friday, September 29, 2006


What do you do when you are totally exhausted? When you are so, so tired, to the point of wanting to CRY you are so tired, when you are so worn out that you are actually sick? What do you do when you know that after you get home at 11:30 tonight, you need to finish pricing your yard sale stuff, and then get up at 6am to set up, and then run the sale from then until 2:30, when you leave for work, where you will be till 11? And then again on Saturday? (And oh man, how you hope you will feel better by Saturday, because there is a wedding involving a pig! And that kind of thing can not be missed!) When your body has gone so long without a break that it is just giving up?

When you are so very tired from all of this, and you call your house from work, and find out that your mother has brought your two neices (8 & 10), over for the weekend?

You break out the vodka, my friends.

Which is probably a very bad idea when you are not much of a drinker, and SO can not hold your alcohol, and have to be up very early tomorrow.

Yes, probably a very bad idea, but it sure makes slapping neon colored price tags on boxes and boxes of stuff a lot more fun.

And seriously? You know you have all been spending way too much time getting ready for the yard sale when you come home and find a $3 price tag stuck to the cat. That is when it has just gone too far.

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