Thursday, October 19, 2006

I've been sorting through all the eight million billion files on my desktop computer, trying to do a little cleaning out. I have a ton of crap on here!

There are some gems, however. Take, for example, these saved IM conversations!

Kel: My hip hurts.
Kel: I think I have amnesia.
Kel: No... no. That's wrong.
Kel: Arthritis.

Kelly: I'd become a nun, if it were't for that whole no sex thing.
Kelly: And uh, no material items thing.
Crystal: yeah, all that stuff
Kelly: And, well, the whole nun thing.
Kelly: But man, if it weren't for that...
Crystal: yeah, the whole nun thing REALLY screws up the idea of becoming a nun
Kelly: It does. The nuns need to get a better PR person.

kiki: you could take your digital camera, a santa hat, go out into the woods, find a moose, shoot it was a tranquilizer gun, put the hate on, wait for the moose to wake up, snap a picture while it is still groggy, upload it to some web space and put it in an entry
Crystal: rofl, put the hate on it
kiki: oops
Crystal: ::dies::
Crystal: I am keeping that.

Kelly: So I've been looking at cathedrals.
Kelly: And I saw this one carving, called Torment of the Damned.
Crystal: lovely name
Kelly: It's supposed to be what happens to those who lust too much.
Crystal: I really think this calls for a trip to europe for "research"
Crystal: (all a tax writeoff, of course)
Kelly: And it had a naked dude and a naked woman.
Crystal: oh, damn
Kelly: And between them a holy looking dude.
Crystal: tell me about this, it sounds quite relevant to my life
Kelly: And at their feet, two dragons.
Kelly: And the dragons heads appeared to be attached to the pelvic area of each person.
Crystal: nice dragons?
CrystalW07: oh. not nice dragons.
Kelly: Not so nice dragons.
Crystal: well,it depends on what the dragons are doing down there.
Kelly: True.

Jim: I'm looking at stuff I will eventually use to build my new computer in 6-8 months.
Crystal: aww, its almost like you're getting pregnant!
Jim: rofl
Jim: You know, I never thought of it that way.
Crystal: you're concieving all these ideas, putting the pieces together, and less than a year later, POOF! A baby computer, all shiny and new!
Crystal: although your way involves a lot less sex.
Crystal: well, at least in the way I'm imagining it
Jim: hahaha

And the fairly classic:

Crystal: buenos dias!
Candi: AHH i thought you said bunny something!
Crystal: bunny divas!
Crystal: that is the new greeting.
Candi: omg i'm so going to use that from now on
Crystal: from here on out, all the cool kids will use it.
Candi: ROFL cool kids?! Especially at recess

Tina: and who is Bruce Seth Green?
Crystal: I think it's Seth's dad. He directed a lot of Buff
Tina: aaaah. thats what I was wondering.
Tina: Cuz like he directed the episode on Angel of the cross over with oz.
Crystal: UNLESS, sometimes, Seth wants to feel manly, so he puts on a trucker jacket and slaps on a fake mullet, and calls himself Bruce.
Crystal: but I'm really just leaning towards the "it's his dad" theory
Tina: I would have to agree with that.
Tina: and if I was smart...I would google it...
Tina: but ya know
Crystal: lazyness
Tina: exactly.
Tina: so I would rather just discuss this with you

Jen: what's wrong with america that they keep buying clay aiken
Crystal: hey, I like Clay!
Jen: WHAT????????
Crystal: I do!!
Jen: seriously?
Jen: why?
Crystal: yes!
Jen: oh god, i can't talk to you for at least 20 minutes
Crystal: rofl
Crystal: (voiceover) and that was when their friendship took a turn for the worse...
Jen: k
Jen: when I'm ready to talk again you should be too

Julie: people in 80s clothes should be really tough, because they would have todefend their neon all the time

Candi: I want to go out with a bang, but not literally

I would say that those sum up the awesomeness of my friends quite well. I come across them every few years when I'm sorting through files, and they crack me up every single time!

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