Friday, October 13, 2006

Let Them Eat Pop-Tarts

Just because everyone else is doing it, I present you with Photos of my Fridge.

Front view (we'll explore this more in a minute)

Side view- mostly cards and such. It also includes my favorite Raqs picture:

And then we have the...

Other side view. Yes, I have a ton of magnetic poetry magnets. You do too, admit it. The truth will set you free.

Okay, back to the front.

Here we have a lovely childhood picture of yours truly, a few of my many, many Figment magnets (I got a set of 12 or 16 or something!), some of my fabulous homemade marble magnets, and one of my favorite Anne Taintor postcards.

My nephew will probably kick me if he sees this one, but this is a lovely showcase of his school pictures. Yes, various other fruits of my sisters' loins grace the fridge elsewhere. At the bottom is my awesome moose Canada magnet, and the arcade game magnet my sister (mother of the nephew!) gave me. You push a button and it makes noises. Fun! Also pictured: me in a Marilyn Monroe wig. And R2. And more Figment.

I thought this Anne Taintor postcard fit my kitchen well.

My oldest sister apparently knows of my great hatred for when people say "ATM Machine", and sent me these comics. There are several others from her up on the fridge, mostly about cats.

The large frog pictured here is named Squatindawg Picadilly. It's a long story. The tiny frog was a ring that I wore in high school. It broke, but rather than parting with it, I glued a magnet to his ass, and here he rests.

You knew there would be Tallulah pics on here, right?

Atop the fridge. The tiki shot glasses were a housewarming gift from my friend Tina, and the pink candy box was a valentines day gift (then filled with candy, now filled with Taco Bell mild sauce packets) from my friend Tiffany. Back behind, mostly out of sight, is my collection of Disney resort refillable mugs.

I got a little carried away with the picture taking (a first for me, really, I know.), so here is most of the rest of my kitchen:

At least, the rest that's clean enough to show you.

Here we see such exotic cuisine as granola bars and pop tarts! Oooooh, ahhhh.

I am still yet to actually *use* these cookie cutters, of course. Maybe I'll break them out in honor of Halloween! And of course, another Anne postcard.

I got these cute coffee-themed hooks at Hobby Lobby for supercheap. They're obviously meant to hold coffee cups, but mine are all too freaking heavy, and pull them off the wall.

A few of the many, many, many postcards that line the border of my wall. This is what results from being a member of postcardx for yeeeears.

This is atop my microwave. The basket holds pretty tea- the boring ones stay in the box. There's a pack of labels so I can put the date on leftovers before they go in the fridge- yeah, I'm *that* girl. The tiny vodka bottle is now empty (see post regarding vodka a few weeks ago!), but I had to keep it because it was given to me by one of the weirdest guests in my hotel job history- he handed them out as tips instead of cash. Awesome. The candle on the right is Kitchen Spice scent, so I can make it smell like cooking actually happens in here.

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