Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am in the process of cleaning my house. Not because I am one of those people who actually keeps their house clean, but for two fairly good reasons: Reason One- In forty-seven days, work closes for the season, and I will be spending a LOT more time at home. It is nice if it is in a state that at least falls into the category of “livable”, but “nice” would be even better. I actually got a surprisingly good start on it today, gathering up water bottles for recycling, clothes to launder, dishes to wash, books to shelve. There is still a ton to do, and the majority of the problem is that I just don’t have anywhere to put most of the stuff that is sitting out. I am good about keeping the things that have a place (books, dishes, shoes, photos) where they belong, but the things that have no place (costume supplies, lots of papers, old cassette tapes) tend to sit on my desk or my floor for months at a time, wishing they had a place to call their own, too.

54 days left till vacation, I think. I always seem to block out from my memory just how stressful this part of the whole vacation experience is. No matter how carefully I budget my trip, I always end up about two months before the trip and about eight million dollars short. I start working a ton of overtime, and trying to do anything humanly possible to make some cash. My favorite thing right now is online surveys- one company that I’m signed up for pays $5 survey, which is awesome, but most of the others pay more like 75 cents per survey. Still worth the time, though, and hopefully it will all add up.

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