Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation

(This was actually written on Saturday, but I can't remember how to change the date on here!)

Fuck it all, I may just count this really long journal entry as part of my novel. That may be the only way that I do not get overly depressed about how slowly this novel is coming together, how little it matches the novel that is in my head, and how I never, ever seem to be able to finish NaNo. At least I can pretend that this counts towards my word count, and then replace it with something that actually fits into the novel. Or hey, maybe the main characters can just stop along their way for a break in an internet café, and read my journal. Crazier things have been done during NaNo!

Today, I entertained myself at work by making a tiny little countdown calendar, where you tear off a page a day, to count down to the end of the year. There are 51 days left in 2006, if my counting is correct. The end of the year is pretty exciting for me this year. First of all, the hotel closes Dec 31, and stays closed till mid May. That means I have ten whole weeks of no work, AND I will actually be getting unemployment this year! According to most of the people here I’ve talked to, they make almost as much from unemployment as they do while working, so I should still be able to get by for those two and a half months. Hooray!

Having the winter months off is something so great to look forward to! I actually do some cooking in the winter- probably because I actually have time to grocery shop more than once every three months. I get to watch all of the TV that I miss during the year. I get to play computer games like the huge nerd that I am, watch a lot of movies, and basically do a lot of nothing. My house gets cleaned, because I am actually getting to spend time in it for once. I have time to talk to my friends! I get to sleep whatever hours I want! Last year I fell into a fairly solid pattern of watching the BBC News at 5am, and then going to sleep. I will have time for dance practice! Maybe I’ll finally master full time glutes on top of pas de bourres! (They are still evil.)

I love having time in the winter for the fun little things that I just don’t get around to during the year. For instance, I want to go back and count how many journal entries I’ve posted over the years. My guess is around 1000, since I’ve done the online journal thing for over 6 years now. I’m just curious more than anything as to just how many posts there are. I am mostly excited just for the chance to get caught up on my life in general! Remember like three weeks ago, when I knocked my coffee across my car, and it splattered everywhere? It is still there. I’m still yet to find a free moment to just grab a freaking paper towel and go clean it!

So, as if that is not enough reason to look forward to the end of the year, I am also leaving for vacation a week after work closes. This is what keeps me going through these super busy weeks at work- I just think “Okay, three more weeks of really bad work days, and then I get to sit around and do nothing at work for all of December, and then vacation!”

Oh, vacation! One of my very favorite words! I can not freaking wait. The only thing clouding it right now is that I am way short on $ from what I really need for the trip.

Write about tip envelopes. I wanted to ask your opinion on this. First, have you seen tip envelopes in hotels here in the states? Second, do you think they are tacky? Third, do you tip your housekeepers like a good human, or do I hate you?

“Do you stay open year round?”

“No, we close in the winter”

“Oh. Do you lay the employees off?”

In my head: “No, we just make them re-clean the same rooms every day.”

Actually said: “Um, yes, we lay them off while we are closed.”

The other annoying interaction of the day was a man that is here with a bus group. He came up and said he wanted another room, that his was unacceptable. When I asked what was wrong with it, all I could get from him was that the floor was dirty. I didn’t get a chance to check it out for myself, so I am pretty curious about just how bad it was. I do know that nobody has been in that room lately, so it should be really clean. However, it is a smoking room (as he wanted), and they are all a little more worn than the nonsmoking rooms. Anyway, he then went on a rant that we didn’t have refrigerators in the rooms, “like your website says.” The funny thing is that I was just looking at our website the other day, mocking it, because I’m still mad that they paid someone other than me to do it, and it sucks, and the photography sucks. I could do a MUCH better job building one, it would be much more informative, and the photography would be much better, and I could really use the money.

Anyway, since I was just on the website a few days ago, I was sure that our website did NOT say this. So I pulled it up right there in front of him so that he could see that it didn’t. (I didn’t want anyone to think we were posting lies on our website!) Well, it turns out that it wasn’t our website he was looking at, so I spent some time on google trying to find what he saw (because I would really like whichever website it is to correct it!). I still haven’t found it, but I did find a few mentions of us. (We’re fairly small, and not a chain, so not that well known.)

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