Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Again

In my purse is a small piece of paper labeled “Sucky days left this year”. On it is a list of six days when work is going to be super busy, and basically suck. I am so happy that there are only six.

I can not stand the bus groups that we have here right now. Actually, there is really just one that I can not stand, the other is pretty decent, as large groups of picky old people go. It is the second group that makes me want to tear my eyeballs out. Or better yet, tear *their* eyeballs out. They complain about everything, and don’t listen to anything. I am very proud that I am yet to bitch slap a single one of them. Anywhere other than in my imagination, that is. They are simply impossible to please. (If you read yesterday’s entry, you will recognize them as the group being led by a total idiot. The other group is led by the hardest working guy EVER. He drives the bus, handles their luggage, and may possibly also be superman in his spare time. Plus, he is nice.) One lady was just bitching because she went to the continental breakfast this morning, and there were no bagels or coffee. This apparently upset her to the very core of her being. However, a) I was just down in the breakfast room a little while ago, and we have dozens upon dozens of bagels down there. There is no way we were out. B) If there is no coffee in the breakfast room, we have coffee in the lobby all the time. C) They have coffee and coffee makers in their damn room. Even one of their fellow tour mates was smart enough to point this out. My only conclusion is that the entire bus group is on crack.

The fun thing is that as they came back in tonight, I noticed that they were all carrying sacks from the local winery. I almost wish I were going to be here later than 1am tonight, to see if anyone gets naked and jumps into the (empty) pool. Almost.

Six more sucky days.

Edited to add- My favorite was the lady who came up to the desk tonight to complain that there was no hot water this morning. I explained that occasionally in the morning, when half the hotel is showering and the laundry is washing, there are periods when it is hard to get hot water. This was apparently way over her head, because she kept insisting that I “make sure that (her room number) have hot water in the morning,” as if there was some giant control board hidden behind the front desk, where I could turn the hot water on and off to each room at will. My very favorite part was when she said that if it didn’t happen, they wouldn’t stay here again. Promise?

(And now I feel a little bad about all of my whining lately, because the nicest man just came down to ask about what he needed to do when he checks out in the morning, and he was so polite and nice, and even wished me a merry Christmas and a happy thanksgiving. Why can’t we have whole bus groups of nice people? Or even just for the nice ones to not be the exceptions?)

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