Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh, the stories. They just keep coming.

This morning, I was late. I waited around my house until 7:25, and since Evil Car Moving Guy still wasn't answering his cell, I left. I made it over to the cast parking about 7:45, and scurried into costuming to exchange my pants-- when I tried on pants yesterday, one pair was about seven thousand inches too short, and the other pair fit decently (Well, decently for high-waisted pleated polyester pants). Of course, I somehow managed to put the wrong pair back on the rack after trying them on, so I came home with the pair which would really only be appropriate during a flood. I went in, dropped the too-short pair off, and found a pair marked with the
right size, and went off to change.

Dear friends who are planning to become cast members in the future: Never change in the costume building dressing rooms. They seriously frown upon it, and will tell you so. You will feel dumb when they point out the sign on each dressing room stating "this is not a dressing room, use the damn locker rooms, you idiot!" (I may be paraphrasing.)

However, in this case, it's a good thing I did change there, because these pants were mislabeled, and also way too short. The wardrobe lady set off in search of another pair for me, and eventually, I had the right pants. However, searching for pants, returning my old ones, getting new ones, checking them out, changing, returning them, and waiting for new-new ones took up about 15 minutes. By the time I actually made it to where I was supposed to meet my trainer, it was 8:05, and everyone was gone. D'oh!

I got some info about where my group was, got lost getting there (and, I must add, got a ton of help from several different people who went out of their way to send me the right way, which I appreciated more than I can say), and finally met up with the group about 20 minutes later.

After that, my day got much better. (For the time being, at least). My day consisted of helping to open Tomorrowland (including a magical moment of letting a first family duck under the rope to be the first people on the ride of their choice), riding both sides of Space Mountain (Wheee!), working crowd control for the parade (So much fun!), doing both Buzz and Stitch, and handing out stickers to kids. Yes, there was acutal training in the midst of all that, but the fact that they break it up with fun makes the day so much better.

I have to point out that I am only speaking from my own experiences here- training obviously differs depending on your location, your job, and your trainer. I talked to a lady from my traditions class who was working somewhere on Main St, who said that her group hasn't even been out in the park yet.

I have already learned so much in just two days. It is interesting being on the cast side of things now- sort of a culture shock. So far, I really love it, though. I think that for every magical moment guests have, there is probably a cast member having one, too. While I was working the parade, I kept looking around to make sure everyone was staying within the safety lines, but couldn't help but take in the excited faces of the children, totally giddy at seeing Cinderella or Mickey. I love the way a little girl's face lights up when I call her Princess, or how happy people
get over getting a sticker, or yes, the fact that I actually got paid to ride Space Mountain today. (Twice!) The truth of it all is that I am sick, I am tired, I am stressed out, I am frustrated by moving issues, I miss my cat, I miss the internet, I miss having furniture, and wow, do I miss sleep, but I am *happy*. All of the exhaustation and stress is only on the superficial layers- deep down, I am better than I've been in a long time. (But I do wish my cat would hurry up and get here.)

I had eight zillion missed calls when I checked my phone after work, and I found out that the car guy had decided that his trailer wouldn't fit in my apartment complex, then said that if he didn't drop the car off today, he would charge me an extra fee, and then a later message where my mom called to give me the address of where he was going to leave my car. I live within a mile of at least 20 hotels, so I assumed he would leave it someplace like that, but I didn't recognize the address at ALL. I called mom to have mer mapquest it, as I still have no internet, and was still laying on the floor in a heap of worn-out tomorrowland costume, thus not in the mood to
drive to the place with free internet. Well, no wonder I haven't heard of the place-
Mapquest says it's 20 miles away. DUDE.

Twenty miles away is a LOT when you don't know your way around, AT ALL. Seriously,
at this point, I know my way to MK, Epcot, Target, Wal-Mart, Panera, and Taco Bell.
This is the full extent of my Orlando-area driving knowledge. And now my car is on
the total opposite side of the city. But there's another conundrum- how do I GET
there? I can't drive, because I'd have no way to get *both* cars back. Katie is the
only person I know here, and she's not available (Plus lives like an hour away, so I
don't want to drag her out), so I'm sort of screwed.

I am not too proud to tell you that at one point, I sat on my living room floor with a giant cream cheese brownie and a glass of milk and cried.

I finally got the idea to dig out the business card of the transportation company who
picked me up from the airport and see if they can help. They're available, and agree
to meet me at the Dolphin (where I need to drop off my rental car, since it's due by 2pm tomorrow, and I work till 4, so this is my only chance.)

As we're driving along towards the address, I start to recognize some street names and neighborhoods as places I was told to avoid when I was asking around about apartments. I've got a bad feeling, so I ask the driver what area this address we're going to is in.

My car is in Pine Hills.

If you live here, you probably just fell over when you read that. If you don't live here, I don't know how to explain the badness of this area, other than that it is pretty universally known as Crime Hills. The driver advises me that when I get in my car, I should lock the doors and keep them locked.

So, let's review. My car, with the keys inside, and about half of my posessions, is sitting in a parking lot in the worst neighborhood in the Orlando area. You have GOT to be kidding me.

We finally make it to the supermarket parking lot, and as we drive past the rows of the mostly empty lot, the driver and I keep an eye out for my car. We get all the way to the end, and we haven't found it. Oh, no. Then, at the same time, we both breathe a sigh of relief as we spot it out in the far row that faces the street. We both seriously thought it was gone.

I'd like to take a moment here to promote the transportation company- Murray Hill Transportation. First, both drivers I've had were fantastic- friendly and knowledgeable. When they picked me up from the airport, they included a free grocery stop, and were really nice about telling me about the area. When I told tonight's driver that I wanted to pay attention to how we got there so I would find my way home, he made an extra effort to make sure I knew the way, and also pointed out things along the way, to help me learn my way around. But even beyond all that, when I first called to ask the price of the trip, they told me $30, which I was amazed at, for a 20+ mile trip. When I called back to let them know I was at the Dolphin, they
told me that they had made a mistake, assuming that the address on that street was much nearer, but since that was what they had quoted me, they were going to stick to it. He just wanted to let me know so that I could pay attention to how we got there so I wouldn't get lost. Judging by what I paid for my airport trip, they probably should have charged me at LEAST $30-50 more for this trip. I tipped the guy an extra $20, but even with that I feel like I got off cheap. I am really impressed that they stuck by the first quote, which was seriously undercharging me. And that is why I wanted to tell you guys about them- after all the stress of dealing with the car delivery people who seriously screwed me over, it was so nice to deal with people who were beyond fair, and really went above and beyond. They have seriously earned my respect, as well as my recommendtion.

Anyway, I made it home (yay!), and brought up four loads of stuff from the car before calling it a night and settling down in bed with the computer and half the contents of my kitchen. (Note: That's less impressive than it sounds- it actually means a bag of veggie chips, a chunk of cheese, a nutri-grain bar, and some blueberries. Apparently my body is crying out in need of just about every food group.)

I would unpack my stuff, but it's already 10:30pm, and I am in serious need of a shower (and maybe that brownie- I only got around to a couple of bites earlier), and I need to be back up at 5 to hose the gunk of a 1000 mile trip off my car window so I can see to drive to work tomorrow. Strangely, I actually would love to clean the house up right now, but I think I have just enough energy to get my stuff together for work tomorrow and shower before I fall over.

To end things on a positive note, let's review: I now have my job (first payday tomorrow! Yay!), a place to live (now slightly less empty!), my car, and some of my stuff. Other than either getting my furniture here or buying new and finding a way to get it up 40 stairs, I now have all of the major moving hurdles out of the way.

Unless you count waking up at 5am tomorrow. Ouch!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am so incredibly frustrated.

I just got a call from the guy delivering my car, wanting directions so he can bring it tomorrow. I gave him directions, and said I'd be here about 4:45pm.

"Well, that won't work, I've gotta be in Miami at 3."

"Well, I have to be at work until 4:45". He's got another delivery in Orlando at 8am, so I asked if he could make it here before I leave for work at 7:30. "Well, I may, but I can't guarentee it, 'cause that's 6:30 my time." Well, WTF? This guy has already screwed me over because the car was supposed to be here on Sunday, but the ice storms slowed him down to Wednesday, which means I had to spend $150 extra to extend my car rental. (A note- the awesome rate you get online to reserve your car does not still apply if you have to extend. D'oh!)

So, if he doesn't make it here by 7:30 tomorrow, I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm already running on one hour of sleep from being up sick all last night, and I'm totally exhausted. I just can't deal with idiocy right now! (And he's saying that his trailer won't fit in the apartment complex, so he's going to have to unload my car out on the street. WTF?)

Can I have one of those Easy buttons, please?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Go With The Flow

(Titled after the Finding Nemo song currently stuck in my head)

Last night, I celebrated the end of the weekend by locking myself out of my house.

I had stopped by Panera for food & internet, and then Wal-Mart for a lightbulb for my new lamp. When I got home, I realized that my new keychain had fallen off my rental car keys, and my house key was totally gone. Uh-oh.

I searched around the door to the apartment, the stairs, and near my car in the parking lot. I called Emergency Maintenance for the community and left a message, and then set off for Wal-Mart, hoping I would find it there. I searched where I had been parked, went in and retraced some of my steps, and checked the service desk lost and found- nothing. Finally, as a last hope, I set off for Panera. I wasn't hopeful, because they had been about to close when I left, and that was well over an hour ago. When I got there, the doors were locked, but I must have looked desparate and they let me in. I explained the situation, and they said they hadn't found any keys. They let me check the booth I'd been in, and... voila! MY KEY! Note to self: keychains are not something to scrimp on.

Today was "buy stuff cheap" day. I started off with a trip over to Cast Connection &
Property Control, where they sell damaged/discontinued/etc merchandise at a discount
for CMs. I admit I was hoping for a really lucky day ("Oh, look! We had all this
furniture left over from the recent Polynesian remodel, and would love to deliver it
to your house and carry it up your 40 stairs for $5!"), but no such luck. I picked
up a few odds and ends, but nothing substantial.

After a quick stop at Casa Crystal for an ice cream break (My allergies hated me
yesterday, resulting in a very sore throat today), I set off in search of furniture.
I don't know if I've mentioned it, but my apartment is humorously bare. I have an
air mattress to sleep on, a barstool, and a little side table, and that's *it*.
Oooh, and the floor lamp I bought at Target for $8 yesterday, because there was no
light in my bedroom. I need some furniture, stat, and sadly, it's cheaper to buy new
stuff here than to pay movers to bring my old stuff.

Long story short, I found one of the two places, but their furniture was way overpriced for what it was, and they wanted too much to deliver. So I'm back to nothing! Oh well, maybe I'll just embrace my new Spartan existance?

I am so exhausted- I don't know if I'm coming down with a cold, or what, but my body is being Ms Grumpy Gills. I had considered going to DAK today, but I really just want to go home and sleeeeeeeeeeep. I have to be up painfully early tomorrow, so a little extra sleep probably wouldn't hurt.

And yes, I know I'm whiny today. I keep making a point to snap out of my mood- I mean, I was whimpering earlier about having to be at work at 7am tomorrow. But dude, I have to be there for orientation that involves a tour of the MK. They are paying me to take a tour that I would probably otherwise pay to take if I was here on vacation. And I am being a spoiled brat about it? Get over it!

I considered going to the Adv Club tonight to cheer up, but Club + 6am wake-up time = BAD. Another night- I'm not going anywhere!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Oh, internet! Sweet, sweet internet! I have missed you so!

I am sitting in Panera, trying to decide what kind of bagel I want, but soaking up the free free wonderful beautiful wi-fi at the same time. I am so happy to be online that my hands are a little shaky with excitement. Yes, addict, I know.

The nice men come to add internet to Casa Crystal on Thursday (hopefully), so until then, I am at the mercy of establishments with free wi-fi. I am planning to mapquest up one closer to my house than this one, because while it is only 2 miles away, evil Orlando traffic turns that into a ten minute journey. Bleh! Although bagels and such make it worth it.

I am starting to settle in here. It doesn't feel like "home" yet, but I can actually travel to several places without getting lost now, which I'm fairly proud of. I even made it to my Traditions class with Disney yesterday morning not just on time, but early. Yay, me! (And I only accidentally ended up at Epcot once on the way!)

I have today and tomorrow off (THANK GOODNESS), so I am setting off on such pursuits as finding a Target (yay for Mapquest!), and looking for somewhere to get cheap furniture near my house. Have I mentioned that I have no furniture yet? My house is humorously bare.
I also am still driving a rental. My car (stuffed full of my stuff) was originally supposed to be here Sunday, but the giant ice storms of Doom back in MO have delayed that considerably. Now I'm looking at Tuesday. I'm having to spend money I don't have, as a result, on things I need to get by until then (paper plates, towells, etc.) I miss you, stuff!

I am also missing my music. I only brought one CD with me (Tribal Derivations), and when you add in the Finding Nemo Musical soundtack I bought myself for my birthday while I was at DAK, you have my entire music collection at the moment. I have my iPod, but it is dead, and the charger is somewhere in Missouri.

I am not a girl who does well without music. As much as I love my Beats Antique CD, and have fun car-dancing to it, I am craving something different. I realllly hope my stuff gets here soon!

More than anything, though, I miss Tallulah! I keep picking things up off the floor, thinking she'll chew on them if I leave them out, only to realize she's not here. Falling asleep is not the same without mah kitteh puring next to me! I miss coming home to her dashing towards the door and head-butting my leg. I miss just having her around. And with the ice/snow situation in MO, I'm not sure when my mom and/or sister can bring her yet. What kind of Crazy Cat Lady In Training am I without my cat?

I know I've talked mostly about the things I'm missing, but things are far from doom and gloom. I'm actually really happy. I've traded in snow and ice for sunshine and palm trees. I am constantly amused by the little changes; The top news story a few nights ago involved dolphins. That cracks me up!

Some things feel surprisingly like (old) home. The traffic is sometimes reminiscent of Hwy 76 during show times, and hell, there's even a Dixie Stampede. Can't get much more like my old life than that! (Note to self- stop by after internetting and see if they still have my horse there!) (And no, I am NOT going to work at Dixie again. Will not! Must....resist....horsies...)

Well, I think you're mostly caught up now. I'm going to sort through my two hunded (!) e-mails, mapquest a bunch of things, and then set off on errands. Does anyone remember when my days off actually included relaxing? Not that I'd trade now for then. I've got sunshine, baby.

I wrote this on Wednesday, but have been internetless, so here ya go now! For the record, I am much less grumpy about the world now, but it's part of my experience in moving, so I'm sharing anyway!


Dear Friends-
I have just discovered that if it is very late, I am very hungry, and all that is available is a vedning machine, I will happily pay $2 for a candy bar.
And then I will be really pissed when I get back to my hotel room and discover that it is stale and nasty.
And then I will contemplate going back to the vending machine and spending $2, because hey, maybe the Reeses cups will be better. I mean, it's hard to screw up peanut butter and chocolate, isn't it?
In non-chocolate news, I found an apartment today! And they actually agreed to let me live there! It will be ready to move into on Friday, so I am only homeless for one more day!! Tomorrow I need to go out to buy house stuff, find nourishment (foooood!), and find the stuff that really nourishes me (dance studio, yoga, library, etc.).
Also, I have found love. Ah, yes, after only being here for two days! My love is a zippy little silver Toyota Rav 4 that I rented today. I have been a very faithful Mustang girl for over a decade now (despite my short affair with a truck when I needed to take hay to my horse), but I am almost tempted to trade in my car, Apple, for one of these things. Of course, then I realized that moving to Florida and getting rid of a convertible sounds really stupid.
If, however, you would like to buy me one to have in *addition to* Apple, that would be quite kind of you. Especially since all of my money is apparently going towards the vending machine down on the first floor. (WHY am I still eating this nasty candy? I should have driven to the Cloob tonight instead of taking the Disney bus so I could have gotten fooooood afterwards! Live and learn!)
Speaking of driving, this is where I pat myself on the back for driving a rental car in a city I've never driven in, and actually *finding* the place I was trying to get to! The Rav and I did go through a rocky period at first where I sort of drove it in the 4-wheel drive gear instead of drive, but we got over it quickly. The Rav is good for making u-turns when you miss the road you were supposed to turn on. The Rav is not so good at actually getting close enough to the resort's gate key thing so that you can reach it, thus making the security guard come out to the car, and catch you singing really loudly to the Finding Nemo soundtrack. I am sorry, security lady, I will pay to get your hearing fixed.
My internet is being a huge idiot, so I may actually sleep tonight. It may be my last chance for a while! Especially with a bed! (I move in to the apt on Friday, but as of yet still don't know if my furniture is going to be coming here from MO, or if I need to just buy new stuff. Air mattress time!)
My day actually started off incredibly stressful. I needed to swing by to fill out paperwork for Disney, and then go pick up my rental car, and then look at apartments. The paperwork part was fairly painless, but the rental car was a huge pain in the ass. Disney's casting center is right across the street from Downtown Disney, so after paperwork, I just walked over there to catch a bus to the Dolphin, where the car rental desk is. When I got there (and finally found the desk- I find the Dolphin's layout incredibly confusing. But they do have great grilled cheese. Or at least they did a few years ago, not sure now... WOW, tangent...) the lady at the desk told me that I couldn't use a debit card, only a credit card, despite Expedia saying a credit card wasn't required when I made the reservation. D'oh! They got the Alamo van to take me back to Pop (where I'm staying while homeless.. or "vagabonding", as my dear friend Todd is so sweetly calling it) but the driver had more people to pick up, and couldn't wait around five minutes for me to go grab my card. So, I grab the card, dial the Alamo #, and no answer. It took four tries to get someone, and of course she gives me a different # to call. Call that, and they say they can pick me up to take me to the Alamo desk at the Car Care Center, but not the one at the Dolphin. Well, that would be dandy, except my directions to apartments all originated at the Dolphin, so changing would probably get me VERY lost. So, instead, I took a bus to MGM, and then the boat from there to the Dolphin. Total time between first arriving at the desk, and making it back- over 2 hours. D'oh!

(And apparently, this is where I fell asleep!)

Current updates soon!

Monday, December 10, 2007

I leave in the morning, my iPod is dead, and I can't find the charger cable! D'oh!

I ended up changing to the flight out of Springfield, which was probably a good idea, since Joplin ended up getting an inch of ice, with trees down and power out. I'm still watching like it's a fascinating suspense movie, though.

I have no idea how it has happened, but my whole house is now sitting in a series of suitcases and cardboard boxes. There's a LOT I'm not taking, but I've managed to smooosh everything important into a portable size! Yay! I've got one small box of stuff left to fit into my suitcase, and a last lap around the house to check for things, and then I'm done! Amazing!

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I think that when I finally make it to Florida, I may kiss the ground. Because getting there is stressing me out!

My flight is out of Joplin at 5:45am on Monday. The weather was calling for freezing rain overnight Sun/Mon, so my plan was to drive up tomorrow afternoon (it's about 2 hours from here), and spend the night, to be sure to make my flight.

Well, now the weather is calling for waaaaay more freezing rain, and then no tempertures warm enough to melt it. So, I'm worried. Kansas City, where my layover is, is also supposed to be getting ice. D'oh!

I'm thinking of canceling that flight in favor of flying out of Springfield, which is only an hour away, and looks less likely to get canceled. The weather is calling for freezing drizzle there a few hours before my flight, but then it will warm up to above freezing before I'm supposed to take off. This one is also a direct flight, which means no getting stuck somewhere on a layover if my connecting flight is canceled.

The problem is that I booked my flight through, and they charge a $150 change fee. The balance of what I paid would be available as a credit to travel on until Dec 2008. But then I'd also have to find transportation from Sanford Airport, since Disney's Magical Express doesn't pick up there.

I can't make up my mind- trying to do so much at once has blown circuits in my brain, and I'm now totally incapable of making decisions. I think I'm going to sleep on it, check the weather again in the morning, and go from there.

Oh, the other benifit of flying out of Springfield- I would have to leave home early tomorrow afternoon if I fly out of Joplin, but leaving from Springfield gives me until Monday morning. And oh, if you could see my house, you would understand how much I NEED that extra time. And sleep. I haven't slept in forever. It's 1:40am, and I have to be up by 8.

How do I feel so utterly unprepared for something I've been planning all year?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I think I deserve some kind of title as Queen of Last Minute Decisions and Planning.

It's almost 2pm on Thursday. I leave at 2am on Monday. (Unless I leave Sunday night to avoid the impending doom of an ice storm). That's 84 hours. I still have no idea where I'm living, or which resort I'm working at. EEP!

Well, I shouldn't say NO idea where I'm living. I've narrowed it down quite a bit.

"C" (I'm calling them by letters, since I don't want to come out and say "Hello, internet! This is where I live! Come stalk me!" untill I at least have furniture.) is probably my first choice- it's fairly well know, not fantastic, but doesn't suck. It's less than 3 miles from Disney gates, which is a huge plus. They offer 5% off the rent for Disney employees, which is the best Disney discount I've found so far. (Most places just waive the application fee or something trivial). Sadly, it doesn't include a washer and dryer. You can rent them for $40/month, but I just don't have anywhere near enough laundry to make that practical. Also on the down side, their prices change daily, kind of like airfare. They seem to drop the closer you check to your move-in date, so I'm going to look again tonight after midnight to see if there's anything I can afford yet.

"V" is pretty much tied with C. It's a bit farther away, but only by a couple of miles. It's a good decade older than most of the other places I'm looking at, but the reviews seem fairly positive. It sounds fairly safe, which is big. It includes a washer/dryer (YAY!), and they only allow cats, not dogs, which is a huge plus for me. I like dogs, but knowing for sure that none of my neighbors will have loud ones that like to bark all night is a big plus. However, they charge a random $200 "redecoration fee" to cover cleaning the carpets and such before you move in, which is pretty sucky.

"P" is great on paper. It's the closest to Disney at less than 2 miles, and the deposits required are cheap. It has a screened-in balcony, which would be perfect for my cat. They include washer/dryer, and trash pickup is free, vs $18-25 at the other places. That's made up for by the rent being about $10-15 higher, though. The down side is that the reviews aren't so great. Being right off the highway, in a fairly busy area, it isn't quite as safe. But the super-short distance from WDW is a huge pull, so I'm tempted to ignore the bad parts...

There are a few others I'm still considering, but these three are the frontrunners right now. I just wish I could pick!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holy crap, y'all- I'm moving to Florida.

In five days!!!

I just booked my flight, which is what made it finally feel real. I've talked and planned all year, but once I booked that one way flight, it meant I was really going.

Watch this space for upcoming news and updates!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did I mention that the other day, I got "Santa Claus Vs. The Martians" on DVD for a DOLLAR? Sometimes, life is just beautiful.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Packing BLOWS.

That is all.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

Lily's new favorite spot in the house is my kitchen cabinet. Good thing it's usually empty! (I literally had to pry her out of here!)

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

This is how Tallulah fell asleep last night. Apparently, I am an awesome pillow!

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

At the grocery store yesterday, I discovered a conundrum: What on earth is the difference betwen these three??? One is "bits",and two are 'chips", but seriously, is there a need for three different kinds? And what is the difference between the two on the left?

Who got a new job today? Why, I think I did!

I'm going to be working at a resort doing reservations-woo! The pay is already stupidly good, but then I get a 50 cent raise after training, and it has benifits. Yay for no more poverty! Plus I told them about my trip, and they're fine with it. (I was worried about that- "Please employ me! But hey, I'm leaving in 17 days for over a week. Dat cool?") Plus, the hours are good- I don't have to be up obscenely early, but I still get off in time for the good TV. AND it's less than 10 minutes from my house. Woot!

Speaking of my trip- 17 days! I still have SO much to do! My costume is coming along, but I'm still far from happy with it. Why do I always forget that I can't sew?

I got the BEST pen at Target today! It was $1! It's a black cat, with a button on its back that makes it punch things!

Check it out!

I am SO EXCITED, because I noticed as I went past IMAX today that Pirates 3 is on the big screen now! I totally missed seeing it when it was in the theater, and I was really sad that I wouldn't see it before my trip (since the trip is pirate themed!), and now it's back, and big! Yay!
Across the Universe is coming out here on the 12th, too, which I can't wait for. I've been dancing around my house to the soundtrack for about a week. I wish I could see this one with my friend Todd, because I know he will nerd out about it as much as I am. We're both very into the whole Baz-style heightened reality thing. Plus, singing! We sing the Buffy musical over the phone. We once watched Moulin Rouge together, and hopped up to dance/sing the Elephant Love Medley. Yay for movie nerds!

I haven't blogged in a while- did I cover everything I wanted to mention? Maybe? Ah, well, close enough.

Oooh! I upgraded my wireless plan to include unlimited text & picture messaging, so I'm blogging some of my recent cameraphone pics soon. (Because Flickr lets me upload them by just clicking a "blog this!" button. YAY for lazy!)

I should post soon to tell you about the vacation awesomeness coming up, or maybe I should put that in the Disneyween blog? Both?

Oooh! Another Across the Universe commercial! It makes me mucho happy!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

My mom's pills are HUGE! They look exactly like Colbert's painkillers when he broke his wrist. (Of which I sadly can not find a pic!)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lazy is hitting refresh on your UPS tracking page rather than just walking upstairs to see if your package has arrived yet.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dear ebay seller,

You may want to correct the spelling on the shirt you are selling- a pheasant is a kind of bird, while a peasant is a person, as well as the style of shirt pictured.

Also, many potential buyers may be turned off to bidding by the fact that you appear to not be wearing any pants under the shirt.

Thank You.

Dear ebay seller #2,

I like when people show a shirt they are selling on an actual person rather than just laid out, because you get a better idea of what it looks like on. However, if you do choose to model the shirt you are selling, many of us would appreciate it if you wore a bra.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Confession: I just had a dream about Jon Stewart.

No, not that kind of dream.

I save those for Stephen Colbert.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks to Jon Stewart, I'm wandering around singing "Dave Petraeus! Dave Petraeus! Iraq me Dave Petraeus!" (To the tune of "Rock me Amadeus", of course.)

Also, in one of those Disney brainwashing things, I keep breaking out "Mrs Jobson! No one calls them Thompsons Gazelles! They are Tommies! Tommies!" (Must be said in Wilson Matua's accent.) And the occasional "Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow..."

I need a flippin' vacation.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Randomly, I found myself trying to remember all of the pets I've ever had. Here's what I came up with:

Current: Tallulah & Tiger Lily
Past: Laura 1 & 2, Sebastian, Fluffy, Pumpkin, several kittens named Brain (I loved Inspector Gadget, and that was Penny's dog's name), Grey (Pronounced grey-ey), Cassie, whatever that siamese one was named, Blackie, Little Blackie, Trickles, and seeral others I can't remember (I lived in the country as a kid, and I think that at once point, we had something like 30 cats at once.)

Dogs (past): Moses, Purpie (no idea where this name came from!)

Current: Bosco and Ella
Past: Rosie, Baby, Baby #2

Parakeets (all past): Skipper, Lucky, Lucky #2

Hamsters: Mr. Hamster, Powderpuff

Current: Sushi & Pamplemousse
Past: Splash, Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Amidala, Goldie (lived like 9 years!), others I'm sure I'm forgetting

Current: Fishy Wishy
Past: Fish-fu, Sinatra, Gandlaf, Bogart, Irwin, Figment, Bernard Mickey Wrangle, Audrey (the only female!),

Sucker fish (past)- Picasso, Salvadore

Other Fish (past): Rocky Comfort (shark), Molly (black molly), 3 misc. guppies, Neon (eaten by either Rocky or Goldie),one of those fish oddly engineered to have a brightly colored stripe, a swordtail whose name I don't remember

Bunnies (past): Fluffy & Tilt-a-whirl (who we won at a fair), and the brown one I don't remember the name of.

Horse: Emmett

I feel bad that I know I'm forgetting quite a few!
I am trying to fix you, blog!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Am I the only one who feels a little funny throwing away those little red tickets that say "Keep this Coupon!"
We stopped at a pet shop today to look at birds, and I was totally smitten with two. One was a female cockatiel who seemed to fall instantly in love with me- she ran over to me in the cage, and spent the whole time trying to keep my attention.

The other one, I'm not sure what kind he was, was just awesome. He knew how to say one word, "Cracker!", and said it as often as possible. (His other talents seemed to include mimicking a car alarm noise.) What made it truly awesome, though, was that sometimes he'd get distracted mid-word, and just ask you, "Crack?"

So this is love.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Knight's Tale, Return of the King, AND Pirates all on TV today! This is my idea of a good day at work.

Edited to add- AND X2! Awesome!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

Meow Mix has the funniest flavor names, but this is my favorite so far! "On a Wing & a Prawn"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unfortunate product review

I posted a week or so ago about all of the snazzy Method products I bought at Target, and promised a follow-up review.

To start out on a positive note, I LOVE the pink grapefruit hand soap. It smells yummy, and gets the job done!

Sadly, I hate the laundry products. I am not a person who likes scent in my laundry stuff- my allergies make it impossible to use most detergents, fabric softeners, etc, or I will sneeze all freaking day. As a result, I usually buy my detergent from the health food store, or organic section of the grocery store. I was hoping that since the Method products were natural, we would get along well, but this wasn't the case. After the first load was completed, the scent on the clothes nearly knocked me over. From five feet away. I washed them again, in plain water, to try to get the scent out, but the scent is STILL overpowering. Plus the clothes have an odd stiff sort of feel to them, as if they still have product stuck in them. (Sort of like your hair if you don't get all of the shampoo or conditioner out when you wash it.)

I really wanted to love the laundry products, but alas, I do not. I'm considering taking bets on how many times my poor clothes will have to be washed before they are wearable again, though.

The window washing spray and cloth are nice- the mint scent is a neat change, but so far I'm not convinced they're any better than the ol' windex and paper towel method. (Err, method is the wrong word to use there! The old windex and paper towel...schtick?)

I'd blog about these things more, but it's nearly time for my dates with Jon Stweart and Stephen Colbert, and I mustn't keep them waiting!

No, after that it morphs into a tennis court.

Hotel Guest: How late is the pool open?
Crystal: 11pm.
Hotel Guest: So, it's closed after that?
Crystal: *opens mouth to make a remark, but just can't find the words*

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

That is all.

Today I washed dishes while listening to Achy Breaky Heart.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

Why is there an ad for a a hotel in Santa Fe in my Branson phone book? 1000 miles off, dude!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I had a shopping-filled day yesterday, which is really rare for me these days. I started out at the thrift store, where I periodically stop in to raid the selection of travel-related books. I can always find the most obscure ones there- guides to some castle some person visited a decade ago, a book on plants of North Africa, etc. This trip was full of awesome finds- I walked out with $7.25 worth of books- a ton, considering they were 25 or 50 cents each.

I’d post a list, but the bag is still upstairs, and I’m way too lazy to get it. Let’s just say it includes a book called “Brain Surgery for Beginners”. Maybe I’ll post pics another day?

Next we stopped by the mall in Branson to see if the new Crocs store was open yet, but it’s not. I need new vacation shoes, especially these:

They also have a new style called Alice that I’m in love with. I really want the red ones.

Finally we went to Target- mmm, Target! I have a feeling that Heaven looks a lot like the Target dollar section! People have been telling me that they have Pirate stuff in the $1 spot, so I had to check it out, and I totally scored!

As if pirates weren’t awesome enough, they also had HP stuff!

And some other random, fabulously cheap things!

Everything except for the sunglasses was $1! Post-its, bill holder, Gary the Snail notepad for my sister, foot scrub, dry erase board, and spare gift bags!

I also hit the school supply aisle, because I get giddy over office supplies, and they’re usually cheap when school is about to start. (If only I’d made it a day earlier for no tax weekend!) I ended up with two pretty purple notebooks (I can NEVER have enough notebooks!), some glue sticks, some scissors, etc.

I just started writing up a post a couple of days ago about how I want to be a more conscious consumer- using products that are good for the environment, not tested on animals, and made by companies with ethical practices. (For instance, a friend and I were trying to figure out a few days ago how many hotel companies the Hiltons own so that we can avoid them. I don’t want one penny of my money going to Paris! I’m sad that they own the Doubletree chain, because they give you cookies in your room!) I never got around to finishing writing it, but it ties in perfectly here, because I was THRILLED to see that Target carries the Method brand of cleaning supplies! They are SO cute, they smell good, AND they’re good for the environment! I got a ton of stuff!

I’m most excited about the laundry products- I’m allergic to most detergents and fabric softeners, so I normally buy mine at the health food store. However, these seem like I might be able to use them without spending all day sneezing, but STILL smell like a lily- hooray! I’ll report back about how it all works!

I also bought a new box of baking soda for my fridge, but that’s not very exciting unless you know how long it’s been on my shopping list.

In completely non-shopping news (thank goodness!) I’ve just discovered that Oxford offers online classes. Even better- online literature classes! Could there possibly be anything sexier than studying literature at Oxford? I mean, where do you think the freaking Oxford English Dictionary comes from? It’s the oldest university in the English speaking world! (Although, you have to admit, for being freaking Oxford, they don’t have a very snazzy website, do they?)

They have Contemporary British fiction, a Jane Austen class, a Bronte sisters class, Victorian fiction, etc! (I would love to take the class on Visual art of India)

Of course, doing them online takes out the yummy British accent portion of the school’s charm.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

8am! We've made it!

I'd like to say a huge thank-you to my sponsors, everyone who's left comments for me tonight, everyone who has read along, everyone in the IRC chat , and the blog explosion radio people for keeping us awake!

Tallulah Jane says goodnight!

As a song I know would say, this blogathon is a half pony half monkey monster that I made to please you.
7:30! Just half an hour to go!

I think "impending doom" is my favorite phrase.
7am! Just one hour left to go!

I'm totally losing my voice- mostly from singing along with the radio. My hair's still kind of wet, and I'm basically a mess. Bed is going to ROCK.

Thing I'm looking forward to about vacation #98752- several places there sell the BEST chocolate croissants EVER.

Thing I'm looking forward to about vacation #98753- Japanese TV!

We turn on the soap operas, and make up our own stories!
89 days left until vacation!

One thing I'm really looking forward to is seeing the new Nemo musical at Animal Kingdom.

A clip, of course!:

Big Blue World:

I'm surprisingly awake for it being 6:30am!

All work and no play...

I haven't mentioned it, but I am SO GLAD to have this weekend off from work!

I work front desk at a hotel, and last week, our computer totally crashed. Yes, the computer that holds all of the reservations. The computer that tells me EVERYTHING- it was all gone!

We still have printed copies of everything, but you can't begin to imagine how much there is to go through. I spent a solid 5 hours on Friday typing in reservations that had been made all year, and still didn't get close to doing them all. It's crazy!

The hardest part is not being sure how many rooms you have sold. Are we sold out? Overbooked? Still have a lot of empty rooms? There's no way to tell until we get the reservations sorted back out. NOT fun, to say the least!

My job does have its amusing points, of course. One of our favorite passtimes is making fun of the names on reservations. On Friday when I was typing up the giant stack, I had one for a man named Peter Johnson. I was like "Wow, why not just name the kid Penis and get it over with?" My manager had one for some people whose last name was "Hottubbe". Seriously?

I'm trying to think of some amusing work stories to tell, but my brain is blank at this hour! Do you think my manager would be pleased if I called her at 5am to ask for blog ideas? I bet she would!

Ah- just remembered one! For Halloween a few years ago, we decided to prank the maintenance guys with various Halloween decorations. One thing we did was use fake blood to put handprints all over the maintenance room door. The only bad thing was that they wouldn't wash off! No matter how many times they painted over it, reddish handprints would fade back through. Everyone on the 5th floor probably thought the hotel was haunted by some ghastly murder victims or something.

Ah, good times!
6am! 6am! 2 hours to go! 4 posts to go!

And because this song is playing on the blogathon radio, which prompted a discussion of this episode...

And just because it makes me laugh EVER time:

And now thanks to the radio, I'm singing Take Me Or Leave Me, quite loudly.

3 hours left!

To those of you just joining in on reading my blog, I promise it hasn't been this crappy all day! Just the past few hours. Maybe.

I think that this may be the first time I haven't made it all the way round the blogathon webring during the thon!

I haven't posted a video in a while, so here's one of Rachel Brice, one of my favorite dancers:

I think she is 50% snake and 50% awesomeness.

Just 6 posts left! Hopefully at least one of them will be good!
ACK! Where did that half hour go? I swear I just posted!

Singing the Elephant Love Medly along with Blogathon radio. So sleepy I'm starting to think that my speaker is really Ewan McGregor, and am tempted to make out with it.

$1000 to the first blogathonner that gets Ewan over to my house to wake me up for some hot Scottish lovin!
Still with the awful music on blog explosion radio. And yet I just can't turn it off!

4 hours to go! That's just 8 posts! I'm planning to go take more silly photos as soon as I can.
Eep! Too busy dancing badly to AWFUL music on Blog Explosion Radio!

Hopefully I'll get around to posting the video tonight!

Flowery posts

I was about to fall asleep, so I grabbed my digital camera, some giant fake flowers, and a faux supermodel attitude. Hilarity ensues. Voila!

Excuse me, but there are flowers on my head!

Can I eat them, perhaps?

Flowers confuse me!

Do they make me cute?

Flowers make me...wistful?

This is my "serious supermodel, baby!" face.

Cracking up at the hilarity of it all.
I'm getting SLEEPY! Weird, since I'm used to being up much later than this, but understandable, since I woke up about 8 hours earlier than I'm used to, too!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Going to go take some pictures to amuse myself- after that I may take a quick shower to wake up!

Whatever #

CRAP! I almost forgot to post!

A bit of pimping this time for some of the sites I've been reading:

Jaynee at Something Simple Art is posting links to various Etsy shops. It makes me want to shop! I've never really looked around Etsy much, but there are some seriously cute things there!

Blogamel's blog is just great in general- lots of fun!

Kteachone has been posting the occasional HP trivia- fun! Plus, I just like looking at Snape on her page.

That's it for now! I'll try to post more later!

Starting at 3am, I'll be posting silly photos. Any requests? I'm pretty much shameless at this point.

#36, I think?

map, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

This is #1 in a series of "my favorite things" from around my house.

A few years ago, I worked for a courier company. Part of my job was picking up boxes of things (x-rays, urine samples, patient records, etc.) from various doctors' offices, and delivering them to the hospital lab.

One day while I was in a doctor's waiting room, waiting for them to get their stuff together, I saw these maps on the kid table. The idea was to color them, but I thought it would be fun to use to keep track of which states I've been to, so I grabbed one, and stuck it in the crate I used to deliver stuff.

Of course, I forgot about it when I got to the hospital, so along with the usual specimens and documents, they also recieved one map of Henrietta and her missing chickens. Oops.

I was even more amused the next day when it was still there at the hospital, waiting to go back to the doctor's office. I remembered to keep it in my car this time!

As you can tell, I seem to have missed most of the northern US so far. Minnesota is just outlined, not colored in, because I've only been to the airport there. (Kindly explain how Minneapolis is a logical layover on the way from Missouri to Mexico?).

I'd like to hit all 50 eventually! (Except maybe Delaware, which I'm pretty sure doesn't actually exist.)

#35- Video killed the radio star

What do you do when you can't think of anything else to type?

You sit your butt down on the couch, break out the video camera, and blah-blah-blah for a few minutes. Then, you post it!


#34 (I checked!)

First of all- AWESOME- I was on the Blogathon front page again! ("Awesome" seems to be my word of the day!)

I just finished doing a video post, but it's taking its sweet time uploading, so I'll be posting it at 1am instead.

Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting so far!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Whatever # this is, it's midnight!

Oops, another half hour gone!

I've been listening to Blogathon Radio- I sent in some Disney trivia, which they've been answering. They even got the Adventurers Club questions- hooray! I'm so proud.

No idea about numbers anymore!

I've hit that point in the night where I'm shamelessly eating Nutella straight out of the jar.

I've been wondering- Do you guys answer your phone every time it rings? I'm a big phone ignorer, probably because I hate talking on the phone in general. If I don't recognize the number on the ID, I don't answer. I occasionally don't answer even when I do know who's calling, either because I'm busy doing something else, or I'm just not in the mood to talk.

My mother, on the other hand, never misses a call. As soon as the phone rings, she dashes to it. She could be naked and getting ready to get in the bath, but she'll throw on a towel and go talk to someone.

What do you do?

Is this #31? I give up on counting!

I think I'm starting to pull out of the middle of the blogathon lull! I fed the cats, made my snow cone (yummy!), talked to my sister again, and finally made my way into the blogathon chatroom.

I'm trying to decide what to do next- put on some upbeat music and dance around, doing some house cleaning for a while, to get really awake? Try the video blogging thing again? Take some photos? Explain, in detail, how I feel about all things Harry Potter?

What would you most like to see?

If you're a fellow blogathonner- what has been your favorite topic that you've posted about so far?

#30, maybe? I think?

I've been on the phone with my sister- she's one of the 3 people left on Earth with no internet access, so she calls me up now and then requesting music.

Can you imagine not having internet? I can't even fathom it! So much of my daily life involves being online! Crazy!

I am so stuck on things to write about! I've exhausted my favorites from YouTube, I'm not feeling inspired to take any photos... now would be a great time for suggestions if you have any!

In the mean time, I'm off to make that tangerine snow cone now!

#29- No Business Like Snow Business!

I needed a sugar rush, so I hit the snow cone machine:

I just finished eating a strawberry one, and I think I'm going to make a tangerine one next!

What number IS this? 28?

Watching Graham Norton Show.

I've discovered that I can either focus on posting good posts, or focus on waking up- only one at a time works! I should be back to decent posts next time!

#27- Box o' Things For Eating

Yet again, something that was frozen, and now is not

Most frozen Mexican dinners are AWFUl, but I gotta say, for $1, this one doesn't suck!

I'm curling up with my Plate o' Food (or an incredible foodlike substance!), and an old episode of Sex & the City.


Some half hours go so fast! It feels like I've just hit post, and it's time to do it again!

I'm feeling tired again- it's that halfway through the 'thon thing where I always start to get a little tired. 11 1/2 hours still to go!

I'm headed upstairs to make some dinner- hopefully food will wake me up!


My self portrait ended up on the Blogathon main page! Hooray!

Because it's fun to laugh at others, here are 2 of my recent embarassing moments!

I'm pretty hard to embarass- I really don't mind making a fool of myself in public. These two things, however, happened in the same WEEK, which I found somewhat impressive.

1) My mom just had her 50 year class reunion, and they hired me to make a little slideshow featuring the yearbook photos of each member of the class, and where they are now. I had my laptop hooked up to a projecter, so that it would put the image from my computer directly onto a big screen.

I got my laptop all hooked up and ready to go, and then they decided they were going to eat dinner before the video, so I just left it hooked up.

I forgot about my screensaver.

My screensaver scrolls through all of the photos on my computer.

A room full of about 100 people were treated to 200 of my personal photos, on a giant movie screen before I noticed.

Thankfully, there weren't any REALLY embarassing ones in there- just pictures from vacations, hanging out with friends, various dance performances, etc. At least I wasn't naked or something. But still, havig a huge room full of strangers looking at your photos for like half an hour, without knowing? A little blush-worthy!

I just hope that they all realized that it was an accident, and not me saying "I have you all as a captive audience! Look at ME while you eat! ME ME ME!"

2) Annie, who works the shift after mine at the hotel had just come into work. As I was getting ready to leave, we were having a conversation that somehow turned to moles. (the skin thing, not the mammal.) She mentioned how she once thought one was a tick, and tried to pull it off, to which I replied "Oh, I try to pull off my cats' nipples all the time, because they feel like ticks!"

Of course, at that moment, a pizza delivery guy walked into the lobby.

The entire bit of conversation he heard?

"I try to pull off my cats' nipples all the time!"

He nearly fell over laughing. All I could say was "Wow, that was a BAD time to walk in on that conversation!"

We can never order from Dominos again.

It's now a few minutes away from 8pm- the halfway mark! Congrats to everyone who is still going!

I sent a request in to the Blog Explosion blogathon radio for them to play Skullcrusher Mountain, but I doubt they will- they seem to be playing songs that people actually know. So, I'll do my best to post Skullcrusher (BEST SONG EVER.) in my next post!

Oh, forget that- I'll just add it to this post!

I love this video because some person actually took the time to illustrate the song! Very cool!

#24, I think?

Not much going on here! Considering dinner soon.

I've traded in listening to the blogathon radio show for, which is pretty awesome- you put in songs and artists you like, and it builds a radio station of similar music. For each song it plays, you can rate if you like it or not, so it eventually learns what you like pretty well. And it's free!

A few pictures of Tallulah and I watching the rain earlier today-

Right after this one, my face got licked.

One from our cat nap early this afternoon-

Note that she's trying to blog for me in her sleep!

I forgot that today's Satrday, so no Daily Show or Colbert Report after all- sad!

#23- more photos!

First of all- THANK YOU to Jennifer, for sponsoring me! You rock!

My boyfriend stopped by to keep me company during the blogathon-

My other boyfriend, John Stewart, will be on tv in a few minutes, so I need to get this post together quickly!

You know, if I weren't raising money for MSF, I'd me blogging for the Charity to Fund the Care of Mrs. Potatohead The Multiple Amputee. If you're here via my link on the DIS, you've probably heard of her. If not, allow me to introduce you to her noble struggle!

There's an awesome store in Downtown Disney called Once Upon A Toy. One whole room is filled with potatoheads and potatohead parts, and they have a deal where you can stuff a box full of parts for a set price. Much fun!

Unfortuatly for Mrs Potatohead, while I got her all sorts of neat things like a Mary Poppis hat, Ariel hair, and a Mickey head balloon, I forgot some important things.

Like feet. And another arm. And ears. And a nose. Etc.

One of my main missions when I go back in October is to buy things to complete her!

Needless to say, she's a little grumpy about her neglect.

(You can't quite tell, but her thumb is up my nose!)

Potatohead related violence!

So, let us remember today, as we blog to feed the homeless, save the kitties, and give kids books, that there are also potatoheads in need! Poor, neglected potatoheads counting on us for hope for a brighter tomorrow!

It is, however, fun to steal their accessories!

#22- game time!

Blogathon game #2 is to post a self portrait.

I think this is my favorite one- I call it "Getting my ducks in a row."

The video post is on hold for now- the parts that I shot turned out way too dark, and then my video camera battery died before I could film more! Hopefully later tonight!

Coming up in the next post- more photos! Sillyness ensues!

#21- Blackjack!

I'm working on a video post- harder than it seems! I keep finding myself babbling without really saying anything. As if that's something new!

Hopefully I'll have it ready to go for the next post!

#20- I've gotta crush on you!

Do you ever mention a celeb (or normal person) that you drool over to one of your friends, only to find them totally surprised that you like that person?

4 of my crushes that you could probably guess:
Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom
Hugh Jackman
Ewan McGregor

4 crushes I have that you probably wouldn't guess:
Hank Azaria
Alan Rickman (Well, okay, you already know that one from the earlier video post! Or if you've been to my MySpace lately.)
Anthony Bourdain
Dave Salmoni- he hosted a show on Animal Planet where he slowly integrated himself into a herd of lions. HOT! (I also totally had a crush on Steve Irwin.)

Who do you dig that's a bit unusual?

Random note- they're playing "If you wannabe my lover" by the Spice Girls on the blogathon radio cast right now, and I'm finding it hard not to dance around. This worries me a bit!

Post #19- Save the shoes! Or not?

shos, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

I bought these shoes at Target a few weeks ago, only to get home and discover that there's a ridge in the fabric back at the heel that makes them super uncomfortable! I still haven't gotten around to returning them, though.

My neice has a similar pair, an claims they get very comfy after you wear them for a while. I'm not sure if I want to deal with breaking them in, though.

So- vote! Keep the shoes? Return the shoes? Their fate lies with you!

#18- raining

raining, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

It's raining outside, and we're laying by the open back door watching it.

Post #17... it was a very good post!

7 Things You Carry With You

1. Journal and/or Moleskine notebook
2. Cell Phone
3. Lip Gloss
4. Something to read
5. Camera
6. Pens
7. Credit & Debit card

The dumped out contents of my purse. Click here to see this photo on Flickr with notes about each object!

Congrats to my fellow Blogathonners to making it 1/3 of the way through! Just 16 hours to go!

Post #16

Survey of 7's!

I thought I'd post a few "Top 7" lists. I collected ideas for them over the last few weeks, so I could fill them out today.

7 Cities You Want to Visit
1. London
2. Istanbul
3. Paris
4. NYC
5. Mumbai/Bombay
6. Venice
7. Tokyo

Bleh! This is one question where just picking 7 is HARD! Can I add Beijing, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, and and and….!

7 Hobbies
1. Dance
2. Yoga
3. Photography
4. Buying scrapbook supplies (I never seem to get around to actually using them, but I’m awesome at the shopping part!)
5. Reading
6. Knitting
7. Travel planning!

7 Favorite Places to Visit/Spend Time
1. Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay
2. Beach by Luau Cove at the Polynesian Resort
3. Sitting area on the 4th floor of the Wilderness Lodge lobby, especially with one of the giant fudge brownies from Roaring Forks. Yum!
4. Adventurers Club! (See previous posts!)
5. Anywhere in the woods, especially on horseback
6. Used bookstores, libraries, and new bookstores! Anywhere that the books live, basically.
7. At home, in bed, snuggling with the cat. I have hermit tendencies, and she’s a good catnap buddy!

7 Experiences You’ve Had That Many People Haven’t
1. Bellydancing on a flatbed trailer in front of a large crowd of people, some of which were dressed as pirates.
2. Petted a white rhino
3. Acupuncture- Have you ever had needles sticking out of your face?
4. Skipping 1st grade
5. Going “underground” at the Magic Kingdom into the utilidors. Okay, so thousands of people who work there have done that, but not the general public.
6. Having a passport photo that I actually like!
7. Actually guessing a detail of the 7th HP book that was TOTALLY random. (I don’t want to post what it was here to avoid spoiling people who haven’t finished reading yet, but I’ll answer in the comments if you want.)

7 Things You Can Do That Most People Can’t
1. Speak some Swahili, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Italian
2. Bellydance!
3. Answer pretty much any question involving Disney World
4. Make snow-cones in my kitchen
5. Quarter time pas de bourre with full time glute squeezes! (Yay, Salimpour dance format!)
6. I can *almost* do the splits. Let’s count that, since I’m running out of things!
7. Quote almost any episode of Buffy

7 Things You’d Like To Learn/ Study
1. Ethnic dance
2. Languages!
3. Photography
4. I’d like to know more about architecture.
5. I’d love to study poetry
6. Roman riding/trick ridig
7. I wish I had a better grasp of mythology

7 Things You Want
1. A beach house
2. A tattoo
3. An iPhone
4. Tivo!
5. A lifetime WDW annual pass
6. Every season of the Simpsons on dvd
7. A 7 night cruise!

7 Songs You Love
1. Skullcrusher Mountain- Jonathan Coulton
2. Proper Hoodidge- Amon Tobin
3. Late Night Radio- David Grey
4. Not Fire, Not Ice- Ben Harper
5. Johnny Depp- Amy Anne Band
6. Fidelity- Regina Spektor
7. Bif Bam Boom- Coltaire K

7 TV Shows you Watch Regularly
1. Daily Show
2. Greys Anatomy
3. Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations
4. Colbert Report
5. Simpsons
6. BBC World News
7. Man, this is a hard question! I don’t watch that much TV! What else do I watch? They’ve canceled pretty much everything I watched! For #7, I’ll say Great Hotels, since I watch it pretty much whenever it’s on, even though I don’t think they make new episodes anymore!

7 Books You Love
1. Still Life With Woodpecker- Tom Robbins
2. Stardust- Neil Gaiman
3. Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban – JKR (Yes, all of the HP books really, but I think this is my favorite. Or maybe Deathly Hallows. Either way!)
4. Without Reservations- Alice Steinbeck
5. Tales of a Female Nomad- Rita Goldman Gelman
6. Watership Down- Richard Adams
7. Dangerous Angels- Francesca Lia Block

7 Things You Wish Still Existed
1. Buffy! (in non-rerun form. Although the new comics are something, at least!)
2. Gilmore Girls
3. MST3k
4. Good Saturday morning cartoons. (Eep, this is all TV so far!)
5. Atari. Mmm, those were some good games. Pitfall!
6. The Dodo Bird
7. Um… the ozone layer?

7 Causes You Care About
1. Campaign for access to essential medicines!
2. AIDS awareness & prevention
3. Care for victims of natural disasters
4. Care for displaced people, refugees, returnees, etc.
5. Gay Rights
6. Animal Rights
7. Education in general… Americans are painfully ignorant!

7 Things You Dislike
1. Chinese food
2. The sound of silverware hitting teeth
3. People with nothing to talk about but gossip/other people
4. People who drive giant gas-guzzling SUVs, despite being single, childless, and without plans to drive anywhere but around a city.
5. Seafood
6. Rude hotel guests
7. Math

7 Superhero Powers You’d like To Have
1. Ability to kick ass in heels
2. Flying! No more silly coach seats on planes without enough legroom!
3. Ability to speak and understand all languages
4. Ability to draw anything, and have it turn out well
5. Mad singing skillz
6. Mastery of multiple martial arts
7. Ability to learn anything in seconds, like in the Matrix

7 Things You Spend a Lot of Time Doing
1. Stretching
2. Reading travel blogs
3. Thinking
4. Hanging out with my cats
5. Planning future travel/vacations
6. As of today- blogging!
7. Taking photos

7 Things That Make The World A Better Place
1. Coffee drinks
2. Nonstop flights
3. Snowcones
4. Tallulah Jane
5. Libraries
6. Johnny Depp
7. The Blogathon, of course!

I have a few more to post, but I want to take photos to go with them, so they'll be coming up soon! Feel free to answer any or all of these in your blog, too- just leave me a link so I can read it!

Also- we've passed $99,000 in total Blogathon donations! AWESOME.


3pm! 7 hours down!

I hate when I’m watching TV on a channel with a scrolling news bar across thebottom, but only everseem to catch the last bits of each headline. Things like*:

“…is believed to lead to mental illnesses like Schitzophrenia, experts say.”

“…of organizing dog fights.”

“…four gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo”

“…flown to the International Space Station”

Which of course leaves me wondering…. WHAT leads to mental illness? What if it’s something important, like snow cones, or nutella? What about gorillas? They’re not flying gorillas to the international space station, are they?

(*These are actual recent examples.)

#14! It's like 24, but 10 less.

The half hours are going too fast to keep up with now!

Still doing some house cleaning, listening to Blogathon Radio, and now eating a banana snow cone. Yummy!

I promise a post with more than three sentences of content at 3pm! Even if I have to resort to taking pictures of my cat.

Lucky #13

Wow, who knew 5 minutes of sleep would make such a big difference? I'm feeling SO much better. I'm dancing around, trying to make some progress in cleaning up Casa Crystal. I think there's a banana snow cone in my near future!

If I can ever get around to, you know, washing my face and such, I'll do a video post! Any requests?


Wow, I'm amazed- I actually DID manage to fall asleep in the 20 minutes I had to lay down! It usually takes me at least an hour to fall asleep at night- I must have been REALLY sleepy!

Hopefully my cat nap will be enough to keep me awake the rest of the day!

#11 and I'm sleepy!

I don't know if it's the sandwich or the snoring cat on my bed, but I'm SO sleepy right now! NOT a good thing when there are 19 hours left to go!

I've been making my way around the Blogathon webring, but the ring is a little screwed up, so I often have to click the "prev" button several times to actually get to a new site.

I'm surprised how many people signed up but haven't started yet. I know that there are a fair number of people doing the B-Schedule, but I don't think that there are THAT many.

I think I'm going to set my cell phone alarm for 20 minutes, and go snuggle with the cat. Not quite a nap, but maybe just closing my eyes for a few minutes will help the tiredness!

This is so odd- I'm used to being sleepy at the END of the Thon, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've been sleepy at the beginning!


Oops! I just spent the whole half hour working around the Blogathon webring. Time flies!

My original plan was to post one of my favorite YouTube videos ever 5 posts or so, but since it's 12:28 and I have NOTHING for this one, I'll stick one in here!

I've been hooked on this song lately, plus Alan Rickman is in the video! And he dances! I want to have his deep-voiced babies.

Was that too much info? Maybe?

#9 and Doin Fine!

After all of the great food blogs that have graced the Blogathon over the years, I'm a bit embarassed to admit what I just made for lunch.

Schwanns sells boxes of pre-made grilled cheese sandwiches that you just pop in your toaster.

The picture on their website looks like this:

The actual finished product, however, looks more like this:

The thing is, I have NO idea why I buy these, let alone eat them! I make an awesome REAL grilled cheese sandwich. These are basically the cheese equivalent of a pop tart. And it's not like making a real grilled cheese is THAT much effort. Somehow, however, the novelty of being able to pop one of these in the toaster and undeniable laziness on my part means that this is the lunch that I'm eating as I type.

To compound the lazy factor, I snapped the sandwich picture with my camera phone, just because it's easier to upload to flickr from the phone. I need to work on this whole lazy thing!

In happy news, it is now almost noon! That's 4 hours of Blogathon over already, just 20 to go!

#8 is Great!

I'm listening to Blogathon Radio, where they're talking about lunch, which is making me hungry!

I went out to get the mail a few minutes ago...

They left the mailbox open! Nice one, mailman!

My only mail today?

AWESOME! I'm a HUGE HP fan- can't wait to read this!

For now, I need to go snuggle Tallulah- she seems to think this whole Blogathon thing is taking too much attention away from her!