Friday, June 29, 2007

Things I'm Looking Forward To About Vacation- Vol. 1

Things I'm Looking Forward To About Vacation- Vol. 1

I spend a lot of time daydreamig about upcoming trips. More often than not, I'm thinking about the little things- a favorite sofa in the hotel lobby that I like to relax on, a favorite spot to sit by the water. I thought I'd share some of the things that keep popping into my mind about my upcoming Disney trip in October!

For some reason, I can not wait to hit the Royal Anandapur Tea Company. It's a little cart/kiosk in Asia at Animal Kingdom, and I've been meaning to go there for quite a while now, but keep missing it. This time, I've upgraded it to must-do!

Here's their tea menu:


Keemun OP - Slender black leaves which are tightly curled. This is a full-bodied China black tea with a flowery bouquet.

Assam TGFOP - From the Mikir Hills, an extension of the Great Himalyan Range, in Umrangshu. The blackish tea leaves, with golden tips, brew to a bright copper liquor with a sweet musty smell and a bold molty taste.

Ti Kwan Yin Oolong - A semi-oxidized China Oolong. A fresh orchid flavor with a clean finish.

Green Dragon Oolong - A Formosa Oolong. This tea stands out with its unique aroma, taste and dark green appearance.

Dragonwell Lung Ching - China's best known green tea. An emeral liquor, light and delicious.

China Green Jasmine - Classic scented green tea from Fouzou Province with jasmine flowers.

Sencha Saga - A delicately herbaceous Japan Green. "One of the world's most extraordinary teas."

Silver Needle - One of China's best white teas. Brews at a pale yellow/reddish liquor and has a delicately sweet flavor.

Rooibos Organic Superior - Delicious mild light amber cup. Contains all the nutrients as regular tea, but grows naturally with no caffeine. Known as a "miracle tea" in South Africa, where this herb is grown.

Honeybush Organic Superior - Contains all the same properties as Rooibos, but is naturally sweeter.

Rooibos Vanilla - A perfect blend of our 'miracle tea' and Madagascar vanilla.

Masala Chai - a combination of red spices and dried fruits with our bold Indian tea.

I'm particularly excited about te Rooibos Vanilla. Yummy! They also have chai and fruit tea freezes, coffees, etc. YUMMY!

I looked everywhere for a photo, but couldn't find any!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hula shakers and monkey heads

Bow down to the awesomeness of my new salt and pepper shakers, found at Target on clearance! (The irony, of course, is that I already have a set of coconut-shaped ones, and the "lost shaker of salt" from Margaritaville, but I never actually use salt or pepper, so they just sit around empty. But SO CUTE!) If there was one thing my kitchen needed more of, it was hula girls.

Also: check em out!

Coconut-shaped drink holders! They are plastic on the inside, so easy to wash, but still- drinking from coconuts = fun! Target has so many cute tropical-themed kitchen things right now, I want to buy them all up, and learn to cook! Sadly, the dollars in my bank account are few. I bought these with a Cingular gift card (rebate on my phone) that I was supposed to be saving for shoes. But how can you turn down hula shakers ON CLEARANCE? And Coconut cups? IMPOSSIBLE!

Check out some of the painfully cute monkey themed stuff they have going on:

Oh yes! If, for some reason, you do not want to drink from a coconut, you can drink from a monkey head! I am probably going to have to buy one, in homage to the Adventurers Club.

Monkey head you hold my drink,
You are really neat I think!
Monkey head!

Now if they only made cups the shape of half pony/half monkey monsters, I'd be all set!

Multimedia message

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Snapped this with the camera phone at Target.

Mr. Men is squirty fun? That's just so... wrong! But hilarious!

Not pictured: the apple scented body lotion with a pig on the bottle that I wanted, but was sold out.

Friday, June 22, 2007

We can rebuild him...

My beloved desktop computer has made the long journey back home, and I'm working to cure it of amnesia. It remembers nothing of its life before today, so I feel like a mother teaching a baby to walk and talk. "This is Microsoft Office! You know this! Here, learn how to run Word again!"

So far, I've only found one CD of backed up old files- it was full of documents from the computer before this one, so they're many years old, but at least it's *something*.

I found all of my Sims expansion pack discs (quite the feat in itself!), but despite hours of searching, I couldn't find the original Sims 2 disc, which is really the most important. I finally gave in and shelled out $30 for a new one. Incredibly lazy, I know, and of course it means that I'll probably find the old one in five minutes or something. I just want to get the whole reinstalling everything business over ASAP!

Given that I have lost EVERYTHING, could you please share links of favorite blogs you read? (Or yours, if you have one?) I am trying to remember some of what I had bookmarked, but there were so many, it's impossible!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

Shoes with LLAMAS on them!

Computer go BOOM!!

My desktop computer is dead.

It made an evil clicking noise last week and froze up, and try as I might, I couldn't get it to boot up again. I had to go to Springfield Tuesday, so I took it to the people who made it.

They called me yesterday, and reported that my hard drive is DEAD, and they can't recover ANY of my files.

I'm heartbroken!

I keep remembering more and more things that are on there that are now lost- ALL of my music files, photos, videos, documents, my Sims stuff, old e-mails, EVERYTHING. I know that I backed everything up to CD a while back, but I'm sure that was close to a year ago, so even if I find those, I've still lost a LOT.

To make it even worse- I was finally just a couple of months away from having that computer totally paid off! (I bought it back in 2004, but took it in a year or so ago to get a better graphics card when SWG and MXO came out.) On the bright side, I have been wanting a bigger hard drive, which I'm now getting, but I didn't want to get it like THIS! Plus, it will be so EMPTY now, without years of accumulated junk on it!

OH man! All of my favorite links! Gone, too!

I think I need to have a funeral for my hard drive and mourn my loss.

Today I started the task of trying to track down the CDs I burned a bunch of backup files to. No luck yet, but I have found most of my Sims discs, which is a start. Just reinstalling all of those expansion packs is going to take up the better part of a day!

I pulled out my notebook at work yesterday, and started making a list of all of the things lost that I need to replace somehow- music I can't live without, software I'll need to reinstall, where I might be able to recover some of what is list (ie I can download a lot of photos from my website).

The good side is that my old hard drive was 120gb, and I had almost no free space left, and the new one I'm getting is 210, so I'm going to have free space out the wazoo! (Especially considering that there will be nothing on it!)

A few people have suggested that I take my hard drive to someone else for a second opinion, and it's certainly worth a try. I mean, everything is already gone, what's to lose?

In much happier news, I got to see the fab Ms Kellylou on Monday night. She was passing through town, so I hooked her up with a hotel room, and got to spend a few hours hanging out with her crew of eighty-seven children. Good times! And she'll be back next week, and there are just over 4 months until we pirate it up in Florida! Hooray!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Multimedia message

Multimedia message
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I have better photos on my regular camera, but I snapped this one on my phone. There had been a CRAZY storm for about half an hour, and then there was this massive rainbow. It's hard to see here, but it was HUGE! And the sky above was much darker than the sky below. SO cool!" hash_id="525426836">I have better photos on my regular camera, but I snapped this one on my phone. There had been a CRAZY storm for about half an hour, and then there was this massive rainbow. It's hard to see here, but it was HUGE! And the sky above was much darker than the sky below. SO cool!


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