Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hula shakers and monkey heads

Bow down to the awesomeness of my new salt and pepper shakers, found at Target on clearance! (The irony, of course, is that I already have a set of coconut-shaped ones, and the "lost shaker of salt" from Margaritaville, but I never actually use salt or pepper, so they just sit around empty. But SO CUTE!) If there was one thing my kitchen needed more of, it was hula girls.

Also: check em out!

Coconut-shaped drink holders! They are plastic on the inside, so easy to wash, but still- drinking from coconuts = fun! Target has so many cute tropical-themed kitchen things right now, I want to buy them all up, and learn to cook! Sadly, the dollars in my bank account are few. I bought these with a Cingular gift card (rebate on my phone) that I was supposed to be saving for shoes. But how can you turn down hula shakers ON CLEARANCE? And Coconut cups? IMPOSSIBLE!

Check out some of the painfully cute monkey themed stuff they have going on:

Oh yes! If, for some reason, you do not want to drink from a coconut, you can drink from a monkey head! I am probably going to have to buy one, in homage to the Adventurers Club.

Monkey head you hold my drink,
You are really neat I think!
Monkey head!

Now if they only made cups the shape of half pony/half monkey monsters, I'd be all set!

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