Friday, June 22, 2007

We can rebuild him...

My beloved desktop computer has made the long journey back home, and I'm working to cure it of amnesia. It remembers nothing of its life before today, so I feel like a mother teaching a baby to walk and talk. "This is Microsoft Office! You know this! Here, learn how to run Word again!"

So far, I've only found one CD of backed up old files- it was full of documents from the computer before this one, so they're many years old, but at least it's *something*.

I found all of my Sims expansion pack discs (quite the feat in itself!), but despite hours of searching, I couldn't find the original Sims 2 disc, which is really the most important. I finally gave in and shelled out $30 for a new one. Incredibly lazy, I know, and of course it means that I'll probably find the old one in five minutes or something. I just want to get the whole reinstalling everything business over ASAP!

Given that I have lost EVERYTHING, could you please share links of favorite blogs you read? (Or yours, if you have one?) I am trying to remember some of what I had bookmarked, but there were so many, it's impossible!

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