Saturday, July 28, 2007


Oops! I just spent the whole half hour working around the Blogathon webring. Time flies!

My original plan was to post one of my favorite YouTube videos ever 5 posts or so, but since it's 12:28 and I have NOTHING for this one, I'll stick one in here!

I've been hooked on this song lately, plus Alan Rickman is in the video! And he dances! I want to have his deep-voiced babies.

Was that too much info? Maybe?


Jaynee said...

I love how through the whole video she's looking at the camera with that cheshire grin like, "Yeah, he's hugging ME - he's nuzzling ME - and not YOU!"

LOVE Alan Rickman.

Crystal said...

Heh, I thought the same thing! It's a "Don't you wish YOU could have Alan Rickman in YOUR video?" look!

Note to self: Get music deal, make video, hire Rickman!