Saturday, July 28, 2007

#23- more photos!

First of all- THANK YOU to Jennifer, for sponsoring me! You rock!

My boyfriend stopped by to keep me company during the blogathon-

My other boyfriend, John Stewart, will be on tv in a few minutes, so I need to get this post together quickly!

You know, if I weren't raising money for MSF, I'd me blogging for the Charity to Fund the Care of Mrs. Potatohead The Multiple Amputee. If you're here via my link on the DIS, you've probably heard of her. If not, allow me to introduce you to her noble struggle!

There's an awesome store in Downtown Disney called Once Upon A Toy. One whole room is filled with potatoheads and potatohead parts, and they have a deal where you can stuff a box full of parts for a set price. Much fun!

Unfortuatly for Mrs Potatohead, while I got her all sorts of neat things like a Mary Poppis hat, Ariel hair, and a Mickey head balloon, I forgot some important things.

Like feet. And another arm. And ears. And a nose. Etc.

One of my main missions when I go back in October is to buy things to complete her!

Needless to say, she's a little grumpy about her neglect.

(You can't quite tell, but her thumb is up my nose!)

Potatohead related violence!

So, let us remember today, as we blog to feed the homeless, save the kitties, and give kids books, that there are also potatoheads in need! Poor, neglected potatoheads counting on us for hope for a brighter tomorrow!

It is, however, fun to steal their accessories!

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PongoJennifer said...

Ok, one last comment before I go.

My husband just got me a Mr. Potato Head for my birthday last week, so when I go to WDW in AUgust I can buy the accessories


Later Tater

p.s. No, you rock!