Saturday, July 28, 2007


My self portrait ended up on the Blogathon main page! Hooray!

Because it's fun to laugh at others, here are 2 of my recent embarassing moments!

I'm pretty hard to embarass- I really don't mind making a fool of myself in public. These two things, however, happened in the same WEEK, which I found somewhat impressive.

1) My mom just had her 50 year class reunion, and they hired me to make a little slideshow featuring the yearbook photos of each member of the class, and where they are now. I had my laptop hooked up to a projecter, so that it would put the image from my computer directly onto a big screen.

I got my laptop all hooked up and ready to go, and then they decided they were going to eat dinner before the video, so I just left it hooked up.

I forgot about my screensaver.

My screensaver scrolls through all of the photos on my computer.

A room full of about 100 people were treated to 200 of my personal photos, on a giant movie screen before I noticed.

Thankfully, there weren't any REALLY embarassing ones in there- just pictures from vacations, hanging out with friends, various dance performances, etc. At least I wasn't naked or something. But still, havig a huge room full of strangers looking at your photos for like half an hour, without knowing? A little blush-worthy!

I just hope that they all realized that it was an accident, and not me saying "I have you all as a captive audience! Look at ME while you eat! ME ME ME!"

2) Annie, who works the shift after mine at the hotel had just come into work. As I was getting ready to leave, we were having a conversation that somehow turned to moles. (the skin thing, not the mammal.) She mentioned how she once thought one was a tick, and tried to pull it off, to which I replied "Oh, I try to pull off my cats' nipples all the time, because they feel like ticks!"

Of course, at that moment, a pizza delivery guy walked into the lobby.

The entire bit of conversation he heard?

"I try to pull off my cats' nipples all the time!"

He nearly fell over laughing. All I could say was "Wow, that was a BAD time to walk in on that conversation!"

We can never order from Dominos again.

It's now a few minutes away from 8pm- the halfway mark! Congrats to everyone who is still going!

I sent a request in to the Blog Explosion blogathon radio for them to play Skullcrusher Mountain, but I doubt they will- they seem to be playing songs that people actually know. So, I'll do my best to post Skullcrusher (BEST SONG EVER.) in my next post!

Oh, forget that- I'll just add it to this post!

I love this video because some person actually took the time to illustrate the song! Very cool!

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