Saturday, July 28, 2007

3's Company

Whew, it's been a fairly frustrating half hour!

It took almost 10 minutes just to get my 8:30 post to publish. I'm not sure if it was my internet being slow, or Blogger being slowed down by all the extra blogging this morning. I restarted my laptop, just in case it was me, so while it's doing the whole restarting dance, I'm blogging from my regular computer instead.

A huge Thank You to my first sponsor! If you're a blogathonner, leave me your link in the comments, and I'll pimp your site :).

I'm amazed that Blogathon as a whole has raised almost $90,000 so far, and we've only just begun!


Jess said...

Good Morning,

Yes I am a Blogathoner at spectavi.

You are very welcome, and I am glad to help.

Lindsey said...

hey crystal :)
i hadn't seen that one! but i do know the badger song. i'm so going to have to post that one!

Jaynee said...

My computer crashed about an hour ago as well - totally freaked me out since it was time for a new post!!!