Saturday, July 28, 2007

#9 and Doin Fine!

After all of the great food blogs that have graced the Blogathon over the years, I'm a bit embarassed to admit what I just made for lunch.

Schwanns sells boxes of pre-made grilled cheese sandwiches that you just pop in your toaster.

The picture on their website looks like this:

The actual finished product, however, looks more like this:

The thing is, I have NO idea why I buy these, let alone eat them! I make an awesome REAL grilled cheese sandwich. These are basically the cheese equivalent of a pop tart. And it's not like making a real grilled cheese is THAT much effort. Somehow, however, the novelty of being able to pop one of these in the toaster and undeniable laziness on my part means that this is the lunch that I'm eating as I type.

To compound the lazy factor, I snapped the sandwich picture with my camera phone, just because it's easier to upload to flickr from the phone. I need to work on this whole lazy thing!

In happy news, it is now almost noon! That's 4 hours of Blogathon over already, just 20 to go!


Jaynee said...

Yeah, I can see how that would be disappointing. *lol* But it SOUNDS good.

Anonymous said...

One of these days I take you to eat real food. SUSHI DATE!!!