Sunday, July 29, 2007

All work and no play...

I haven't mentioned it, but I am SO GLAD to have this weekend off from work!

I work front desk at a hotel, and last week, our computer totally crashed. Yes, the computer that holds all of the reservations. The computer that tells me EVERYTHING- it was all gone!

We still have printed copies of everything, but you can't begin to imagine how much there is to go through. I spent a solid 5 hours on Friday typing in reservations that had been made all year, and still didn't get close to doing them all. It's crazy!

The hardest part is not being sure how many rooms you have sold. Are we sold out? Overbooked? Still have a lot of empty rooms? There's no way to tell until we get the reservations sorted back out. NOT fun, to say the least!

My job does have its amusing points, of course. One of our favorite passtimes is making fun of the names on reservations. On Friday when I was typing up the giant stack, I had one for a man named Peter Johnson. I was like "Wow, why not just name the kid Penis and get it over with?" My manager had one for some people whose last name was "Hottubbe". Seriously?

I'm trying to think of some amusing work stories to tell, but my brain is blank at this hour! Do you think my manager would be pleased if I called her at 5am to ask for blog ideas? I bet she would!

Ah- just remembered one! For Halloween a few years ago, we decided to prank the maintenance guys with various Halloween decorations. One thing we did was use fake blood to put handprints all over the maintenance room door. The only bad thing was that they wouldn't wash off! No matter how many times they painted over it, reddish handprints would fade back through. Everyone on the 5th floor probably thought the hotel was haunted by some ghastly murder victims or something.

Ah, good times!

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Jaynee said...

One year for Halloween a boyfriend and I passed out frozen greenbeans to all the kids that came to the house. We wouldn't let them see what we were putting in their sacks and buckets. the next morning we came out from the house and found his lawn and driveway covered in green beans. *lol*

Two hours to go! Great job!