Sunday, July 29, 2007

Flowery posts

I was about to fall asleep, so I grabbed my digital camera, some giant fake flowers, and a faux supermodel attitude. Hilarity ensues. Voila!

Excuse me, but there are flowers on my head!

Can I eat them, perhaps?

Flowers confuse me!

Do they make me cute?

Flowers make me...wistful?

This is my "serious supermodel, baby!" face.

Cracking up at the hilarity of it all.


Chris said...

Fantastic photos, made me grin muchly!

Plus, you're gorgeous so that helps. :)

rebekkah_srl said...

LOL That is too cute!

Also, "Wistful" is a great shot, even with the flowers. Keep it!

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Leigh said...

Those pictures are so cute!! Oh man, I'm so tired I could've sworn the cat in your header graphic blinked. Seriously.