Saturday, July 28, 2007

No idea about numbers anymore!

I've hit that point in the night where I'm shamelessly eating Nutella straight out of the jar.

I've been wondering- Do you guys answer your phone every time it rings? I'm a big phone ignorer, probably because I hate talking on the phone in general. If I don't recognize the number on the ID, I don't answer. I occasionally don't answer even when I do know who's calling, either because I'm busy doing something else, or I'm just not in the mood to talk.

My mother, on the other hand, never misses a call. As soon as the phone rings, she dashes to it. She could be naked and getting ready to get in the bath, but she'll throw on a towel and go talk to someone.

What do you do?


Sodapop said...

I do what you do. I look at the caller ID and decide whether to answer it or not. If I don't recognize the #, I let the voicemail pick up or the answering machine.

I hate talking on the phone. Greatly. LOL

Bill Hooker said...

If it were up to me, I wouldn't even have a phone. Email me. Seriously. I hate phones.

Oh, and you're on the 'thon front page again... :-)

Jaynee said...

If I'm at home I wait two rings and then answer. If it's my cell, I answer or ignore based on who's calling.

Elizabeth said...

Heck, I eat Nutella right out of the jar on a normal night.

Lydia said...

I drop everything and rush for the phone... and there's nothing wrong with Nutella straight out of the jar!

Bad Bunni said...

Honey I'm at shameless eating pixie stix in between slurps of red bull so I feel your pain.

As for the phone, I definitely don't answer if I don't know the number. Generally if someone is around, I'll ignore the phone, if I'm alone I'll pick it up if I'm not in the middle of some massive project.

Don't mind the sleep deprived rambling. Awesome job!

J.D. said...

There is no other way to eat Nutella.

Anyways, I love answering my phone. Mostly because I hardly ever answer as myself. I'll pick up and use a different accent or something like that. Or even worse ( I love doing it though) I'll say " Hello. Welcome to Urination Nation. How may I help you?"

I'm so bad at answering phones.

Zeus said...

Personally, the only thing keeping me awake at the moment are the wonderful friends who keep text messaging me, sending loud Ring Rings! and serious vibrations my way.

Don't laugh: Cats text too!

You do whatever you need to do to get through this, Crystal! If you must eat Nutella from the jar, so be it. I, on the other hand, will be shoving my nose into some Purina.

Raul said...

I do the same as soda pop and bad bunni. Drop by my blog! I am starting to feel the exhaustion. Comments always welcome!