Saturday, July 28, 2007

Post #16

Survey of 7's!

I thought I'd post a few "Top 7" lists. I collected ideas for them over the last few weeks, so I could fill them out today.

7 Cities You Want to Visit
1. London
2. Istanbul
3. Paris
4. NYC
5. Mumbai/Bombay
6. Venice
7. Tokyo

Bleh! This is one question where just picking 7 is HARD! Can I add Beijing, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, and and and….!

7 Hobbies
1. Dance
2. Yoga
3. Photography
4. Buying scrapbook supplies (I never seem to get around to actually using them, but I’m awesome at the shopping part!)
5. Reading
6. Knitting
7. Travel planning!

7 Favorite Places to Visit/Spend Time
1. Serenity Bay at Castaway Cay
2. Beach by Luau Cove at the Polynesian Resort
3. Sitting area on the 4th floor of the Wilderness Lodge lobby, especially with one of the giant fudge brownies from Roaring Forks. Yum!
4. Adventurers Club! (See previous posts!)
5. Anywhere in the woods, especially on horseback
6. Used bookstores, libraries, and new bookstores! Anywhere that the books live, basically.
7. At home, in bed, snuggling with the cat. I have hermit tendencies, and she’s a good catnap buddy!

7 Experiences You’ve Had That Many People Haven’t
1. Bellydancing on a flatbed trailer in front of a large crowd of people, some of which were dressed as pirates.
2. Petted a white rhino
3. Acupuncture- Have you ever had needles sticking out of your face?
4. Skipping 1st grade
5. Going “underground” at the Magic Kingdom into the utilidors. Okay, so thousands of people who work there have done that, but not the general public.
6. Having a passport photo that I actually like!
7. Actually guessing a detail of the 7th HP book that was TOTALLY random. (I don’t want to post what it was here to avoid spoiling people who haven’t finished reading yet, but I’ll answer in the comments if you want.)

7 Things You Can Do That Most People Can’t
1. Speak some Swahili, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Italian
2. Bellydance!
3. Answer pretty much any question involving Disney World
4. Make snow-cones in my kitchen
5. Quarter time pas de bourre with full time glute squeezes! (Yay, Salimpour dance format!)
6. I can *almost* do the splits. Let’s count that, since I’m running out of things!
7. Quote almost any episode of Buffy

7 Things You’d Like To Learn/ Study
1. Ethnic dance
2. Languages!
3. Photography
4. I’d like to know more about architecture.
5. I’d love to study poetry
6. Roman riding/trick ridig
7. I wish I had a better grasp of mythology

7 Things You Want
1. A beach house
2. A tattoo
3. An iPhone
4. Tivo!
5. A lifetime WDW annual pass
6. Every season of the Simpsons on dvd
7. A 7 night cruise!

7 Songs You Love
1. Skullcrusher Mountain- Jonathan Coulton
2. Proper Hoodidge- Amon Tobin
3. Late Night Radio- David Grey
4. Not Fire, Not Ice- Ben Harper
5. Johnny Depp- Amy Anne Band
6. Fidelity- Regina Spektor
7. Bif Bam Boom- Coltaire K

7 TV Shows you Watch Regularly
1. Daily Show
2. Greys Anatomy
3. Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations
4. Colbert Report
5. Simpsons
6. BBC World News
7. Man, this is a hard question! I don’t watch that much TV! What else do I watch? They’ve canceled pretty much everything I watched! For #7, I’ll say Great Hotels, since I watch it pretty much whenever it’s on, even though I don’t think they make new episodes anymore!

7 Books You Love
1. Still Life With Woodpecker- Tom Robbins
2. Stardust- Neil Gaiman
3. Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban – JKR (Yes, all of the HP books really, but I think this is my favorite. Or maybe Deathly Hallows. Either way!)
4. Without Reservations- Alice Steinbeck
5. Tales of a Female Nomad- Rita Goldman Gelman
6. Watership Down- Richard Adams
7. Dangerous Angels- Francesca Lia Block

7 Things You Wish Still Existed
1. Buffy! (in non-rerun form. Although the new comics are something, at least!)
2. Gilmore Girls
3. MST3k
4. Good Saturday morning cartoons. (Eep, this is all TV so far!)
5. Atari. Mmm, those were some good games. Pitfall!
6. The Dodo Bird
7. Um… the ozone layer?

7 Causes You Care About
1. Campaign for access to essential medicines!
2. AIDS awareness & prevention
3. Care for victims of natural disasters
4. Care for displaced people, refugees, returnees, etc.
5. Gay Rights
6. Animal Rights
7. Education in general… Americans are painfully ignorant!

7 Things You Dislike
1. Chinese food
2. The sound of silverware hitting teeth
3. People with nothing to talk about but gossip/other people
4. People who drive giant gas-guzzling SUVs, despite being single, childless, and without plans to drive anywhere but around a city.
5. Seafood
6. Rude hotel guests
7. Math

7 Superhero Powers You’d like To Have
1. Ability to kick ass in heels
2. Flying! No more silly coach seats on planes without enough legroom!
3. Ability to speak and understand all languages
4. Ability to draw anything, and have it turn out well
5. Mad singing skillz
6. Mastery of multiple martial arts
7. Ability to learn anything in seconds, like in the Matrix

7 Things You Spend a Lot of Time Doing
1. Stretching
2. Reading travel blogs
3. Thinking
4. Hanging out with my cats
5. Planning future travel/vacations
6. As of today- blogging!
7. Taking photos

7 Things That Make The World A Better Place
1. Coffee drinks
2. Nonstop flights
3. Snowcones
4. Tallulah Jane
5. Libraries
6. Johnny Depp
7. The Blogathon, of course!

I have a few more to post, but I want to take photos to go with them, so they'll be coming up soon! Feel free to answer any or all of these in your blog, too- just leave me a link so I can read it!

Also- we've passed $99,000 in total Blogathon donations! AWESOME.


Kat said...

I love this, I may need to steal it and make it a myspace or livejournal survey and make other people do it too!

Che said...

Great lists - I may have to do a couple of these myself!