Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whatever #

CRAP! I almost forgot to post!

A bit of pimping this time for some of the sites I've been reading:

Jaynee at Something Simple Art is posting links to various Etsy shops. It makes me want to shop! I've never really looked around Etsy much, but there are some seriously cute things there!

Blogamel's blog is just great in general- lots of fun!

Kteachone has been posting the occasional HP trivia- fun! Plus, I just like looking at Snape on her page.

That's it for now! I'll try to post more later!

Starting at 3am, I'll be posting silly photos. Any requests? I'm pretty much shameless at this point.


kteachone said...

aw, thanks for the plug. i like looking at him too :)

Jaynee said...

Thanks for the shoutout! =)

Chris said...

Great video! :D