Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I had a shopping-filled day yesterday, which is really rare for me these days. I started out at the thrift store, where I periodically stop in to raid the selection of travel-related books. I can always find the most obscure ones there- guides to some castle some person visited a decade ago, a book on plants of North Africa, etc. This trip was full of awesome finds- I walked out with $7.25 worth of books- a ton, considering they were 25 or 50 cents each.

I’d post a list, but the bag is still upstairs, and I’m way too lazy to get it. Let’s just say it includes a book called “Brain Surgery for Beginners”. Maybe I’ll post pics another day?

Next we stopped by the mall in Branson to see if the new Crocs store was open yet, but it’s not. I need new vacation shoes, especially these:

They also have a new style called Alice that I’m in love with. I really want the red ones.

Finally we went to Target- mmm, Target! I have a feeling that Heaven looks a lot like the Target dollar section! People have been telling me that they have Pirate stuff in the $1 spot, so I had to check it out, and I totally scored!

As if pirates weren’t awesome enough, they also had HP stuff!

And some other random, fabulously cheap things!

Everything except for the sunglasses was $1! Post-its, bill holder, Gary the Snail notepad for my sister, foot scrub, dry erase board, and spare gift bags!

I also hit the school supply aisle, because I get giddy over office supplies, and they’re usually cheap when school is about to start. (If only I’d made it a day earlier for no tax weekend!) I ended up with two pretty purple notebooks (I can NEVER have enough notebooks!), some glue sticks, some scissors, etc.

I just started writing up a post a couple of days ago about how I want to be a more conscious consumer- using products that are good for the environment, not tested on animals, and made by companies with ethical practices. (For instance, a friend and I were trying to figure out a few days ago how many hotel companies the Hiltons own so that we can avoid them. I don’t want one penny of my money going to Paris! I’m sad that they own the Doubletree chain, because they give you cookies in your room!) I never got around to finishing writing it, but it ties in perfectly here, because I was THRILLED to see that Target carries the Method brand of cleaning supplies! They are SO cute, they smell good, AND they’re good for the environment! I got a ton of stuff!

I’m most excited about the laundry products- I’m allergic to most detergents and fabric softeners, so I normally buy mine at the health food store. However, these seem like I might be able to use them without spending all day sneezing, but STILL smell like a lily- hooray! I’ll report back about how it all works!

I also bought a new box of baking soda for my fridge, but that’s not very exciting unless you know how long it’s been on my shopping list.

In completely non-shopping news (thank goodness!) I’ve just discovered that Oxford offers online classes. Even better- online literature classes! Could there possibly be anything sexier than studying literature at Oxford? I mean, where do you think the freaking Oxford English Dictionary comes from? It’s the oldest university in the English speaking world! (Although, you have to admit, for being freaking Oxford, they don’t have a very snazzy website, do they?)

They have Contemporary British fiction, a Jane Austen class, a Bronte sisters class, Victorian fiction, etc! (I would love to take the class on Visual art of India)

Of course, doing them online takes out the yummy British accent portion of the school’s charm.

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