Thursday, August 16, 2007

Unfortunate product review

I posted a week or so ago about all of the snazzy Method products I bought at Target, and promised a follow-up review.

To start out on a positive note, I LOVE the pink grapefruit hand soap. It smells yummy, and gets the job done!

Sadly, I hate the laundry products. I am not a person who likes scent in my laundry stuff- my allergies make it impossible to use most detergents, fabric softeners, etc, or I will sneeze all freaking day. As a result, I usually buy my detergent from the health food store, or organic section of the grocery store. I was hoping that since the Method products were natural, we would get along well, but this wasn't the case. After the first load was completed, the scent on the clothes nearly knocked me over. From five feet away. I washed them again, in plain water, to try to get the scent out, but the scent is STILL overpowering. Plus the clothes have an odd stiff sort of feel to them, as if they still have product stuck in them. (Sort of like your hair if you don't get all of the shampoo or conditioner out when you wash it.)

I really wanted to love the laundry products, but alas, I do not. I'm considering taking bets on how many times my poor clothes will have to be washed before they are wearable again, though.

The window washing spray and cloth are nice- the mint scent is a neat change, but so far I'm not convinced they're any better than the ol' windex and paper towel method. (Err, method is the wrong word to use there! The old windex and paper towel...schtick?)

I'd blog about these things more, but it's nearly time for my dates with Jon Stweart and Stephen Colbert, and I mustn't keep them waiting!

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