Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Who got a new job today? Why, I think I did!

I'm going to be working at a resort doing reservations-woo! The pay is already stupidly good, but then I get a 50 cent raise after training, and it has benifits. Yay for no more poverty! Plus I told them about my trip, and they're fine with it. (I was worried about that- "Please employ me! But hey, I'm leaving in 17 days for over a week. Dat cool?") Plus, the hours are good- I don't have to be up obscenely early, but I still get off in time for the good TV. AND it's less than 10 minutes from my house. Woot!

Speaking of my trip- 17 days! I still have SO much to do! My costume is coming along, but I'm still far from happy with it. Why do I always forget that I can't sew?

I got the BEST pen at Target today! It was $1! It's a black cat, with a button on its back that makes it punch things!

Check it out!

I am SO EXCITED, because I noticed as I went past IMAX today that Pirates 3 is on the big screen now! I totally missed seeing it when it was in the theater, and I was really sad that I wouldn't see it before my trip (since the trip is pirate themed!), and now it's back, and big! Yay!
Across the Universe is coming out here on the 12th, too, which I can't wait for. I've been dancing around my house to the soundtrack for about a week. I wish I could see this one with my friend Todd, because I know he will nerd out about it as much as I am. We're both very into the whole Baz-style heightened reality thing. Plus, singing! We sing the Buffy musical over the phone. We once watched Moulin Rouge together, and hopped up to dance/sing the Elephant Love Medley. Yay for movie nerds!

I haven't blogged in a while- did I cover everything I wanted to mention? Maybe? Ah, well, close enough.

Oooh! I upgraded my wireless plan to include unlimited text & picture messaging, so I'm blogging some of my recent cameraphone pics soon. (Because Flickr lets me upload them by just clicking a "blog this!" button. YAY for lazy!)

I should post soon to tell you about the vacation awesomeness coming up, or maybe I should put that in the Disneyween blog? Both?

Oooh! Another Across the Universe commercial! It makes me mucho happy!

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