Sunday, December 16, 2007


Oh, internet! Sweet, sweet internet! I have missed you so!

I am sitting in Panera, trying to decide what kind of bagel I want, but soaking up the free free wonderful beautiful wi-fi at the same time. I am so happy to be online that my hands are a little shaky with excitement. Yes, addict, I know.

The nice men come to add internet to Casa Crystal on Thursday (hopefully), so until then, I am at the mercy of establishments with free wi-fi. I am planning to mapquest up one closer to my house than this one, because while it is only 2 miles away, evil Orlando traffic turns that into a ten minute journey. Bleh! Although bagels and such make it worth it.

I am starting to settle in here. It doesn't feel like "home" yet, but I can actually travel to several places without getting lost now, which I'm fairly proud of. I even made it to my Traditions class with Disney yesterday morning not just on time, but early. Yay, me! (And I only accidentally ended up at Epcot once on the way!)

I have today and tomorrow off (THANK GOODNESS), so I am setting off on such pursuits as finding a Target (yay for Mapquest!), and looking for somewhere to get cheap furniture near my house. Have I mentioned that I have no furniture yet? My house is humorously bare.
I also am still driving a rental. My car (stuffed full of my stuff) was originally supposed to be here Sunday, but the giant ice storms of Doom back in MO have delayed that considerably. Now I'm looking at Tuesday. I'm having to spend money I don't have, as a result, on things I need to get by until then (paper plates, towells, etc.) I miss you, stuff!

I am also missing my music. I only brought one CD with me (Tribal Derivations), and when you add in the Finding Nemo Musical soundtack I bought myself for my birthday while I was at DAK, you have my entire music collection at the moment. I have my iPod, but it is dead, and the charger is somewhere in Missouri.

I am not a girl who does well without music. As much as I love my Beats Antique CD, and have fun car-dancing to it, I am craving something different. I realllly hope my stuff gets here soon!

More than anything, though, I miss Tallulah! I keep picking things up off the floor, thinking she'll chew on them if I leave them out, only to realize she's not here. Falling asleep is not the same without mah kitteh puring next to me! I miss coming home to her dashing towards the door and head-butting my leg. I miss just having her around. And with the ice/snow situation in MO, I'm not sure when my mom and/or sister can bring her yet. What kind of Crazy Cat Lady In Training am I without my cat?

I know I've talked mostly about the things I'm missing, but things are far from doom and gloom. I'm actually really happy. I've traded in snow and ice for sunshine and palm trees. I am constantly amused by the little changes; The top news story a few nights ago involved dolphins. That cracks me up!

Some things feel surprisingly like (old) home. The traffic is sometimes reminiscent of Hwy 76 during show times, and hell, there's even a Dixie Stampede. Can't get much more like my old life than that! (Note to self- stop by after internetting and see if they still have my horse there!) (And no, I am NOT going to work at Dixie again. Will not! Must....resist....horsies...)

Well, I think you're mostly caught up now. I'm going to sort through my two hunded (!) e-mails, mapquest a bunch of things, and then set off on errands. Does anyone remember when my days off actually included relaxing? Not that I'd trade now for then. I've got sunshine, baby.

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