Sunday, December 16, 2007

I wrote this on Wednesday, but have been internetless, so here ya go now! For the record, I am much less grumpy about the world now, but it's part of my experience in moving, so I'm sharing anyway!


Dear Friends-
I have just discovered that if it is very late, I am very hungry, and all that is available is a vedning machine, I will happily pay $2 for a candy bar.
And then I will be really pissed when I get back to my hotel room and discover that it is stale and nasty.
And then I will contemplate going back to the vending machine and spending $2, because hey, maybe the Reeses cups will be better. I mean, it's hard to screw up peanut butter and chocolate, isn't it?
In non-chocolate news, I found an apartment today! And they actually agreed to let me live there! It will be ready to move into on Friday, so I am only homeless for one more day!! Tomorrow I need to go out to buy house stuff, find nourishment (foooood!), and find the stuff that really nourishes me (dance studio, yoga, library, etc.).
Also, I have found love. Ah, yes, after only being here for two days! My love is a zippy little silver Toyota Rav 4 that I rented today. I have been a very faithful Mustang girl for over a decade now (despite my short affair with a truck when I needed to take hay to my horse), but I am almost tempted to trade in my car, Apple, for one of these things. Of course, then I realized that moving to Florida and getting rid of a convertible sounds really stupid.
If, however, you would like to buy me one to have in *addition to* Apple, that would be quite kind of you. Especially since all of my money is apparently going towards the vending machine down on the first floor. (WHY am I still eating this nasty candy? I should have driven to the Cloob tonight instead of taking the Disney bus so I could have gotten fooooood afterwards! Live and learn!)
Speaking of driving, this is where I pat myself on the back for driving a rental car in a city I've never driven in, and actually *finding* the place I was trying to get to! The Rav and I did go through a rocky period at first where I sort of drove it in the 4-wheel drive gear instead of drive, but we got over it quickly. The Rav is good for making u-turns when you miss the road you were supposed to turn on. The Rav is not so good at actually getting close enough to the resort's gate key thing so that you can reach it, thus making the security guard come out to the car, and catch you singing really loudly to the Finding Nemo soundtrack. I am sorry, security lady, I will pay to get your hearing fixed.
My internet is being a huge idiot, so I may actually sleep tonight. It may be my last chance for a while! Especially with a bed! (I move in to the apt on Friday, but as of yet still don't know if my furniture is going to be coming here from MO, or if I need to just buy new stuff. Air mattress time!)
My day actually started off incredibly stressful. I needed to swing by to fill out paperwork for Disney, and then go pick up my rental car, and then look at apartments. The paperwork part was fairly painless, but the rental car was a huge pain in the ass. Disney's casting center is right across the street from Downtown Disney, so after paperwork, I just walked over there to catch a bus to the Dolphin, where the car rental desk is. When I got there (and finally found the desk- I find the Dolphin's layout incredibly confusing. But they do have great grilled cheese. Or at least they did a few years ago, not sure now... WOW, tangent...) the lady at the desk told me that I couldn't use a debit card, only a credit card, despite Expedia saying a credit card wasn't required when I made the reservation. D'oh! They got the Alamo van to take me back to Pop (where I'm staying while homeless.. or "vagabonding", as my dear friend Todd is so sweetly calling it) but the driver had more people to pick up, and couldn't wait around five minutes for me to go grab my card. So, I grab the card, dial the Alamo #, and no answer. It took four tries to get someone, and of course she gives me a different # to call. Call that, and they say they can pick me up to take me to the Alamo desk at the Car Care Center, but not the one at the Dolphin. Well, that would be dandy, except my directions to apartments all originated at the Dolphin, so changing would probably get me VERY lost. So, instead, I took a bus to MGM, and then the boat from there to the Dolphin. Total time between first arriving at the desk, and making it back- over 2 hours. D'oh!

(And apparently, this is where I fell asleep!)

Current updates soon!

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