Sunday, December 09, 2007


I think that when I finally make it to Florida, I may kiss the ground. Because getting there is stressing me out!

My flight is out of Joplin at 5:45am on Monday. The weather was calling for freezing rain overnight Sun/Mon, so my plan was to drive up tomorrow afternoon (it's about 2 hours from here), and spend the night, to be sure to make my flight.

Well, now the weather is calling for waaaaay more freezing rain, and then no tempertures warm enough to melt it. So, I'm worried. Kansas City, where my layover is, is also supposed to be getting ice. D'oh!

I'm thinking of canceling that flight in favor of flying out of Springfield, which is only an hour away, and looks less likely to get canceled. The weather is calling for freezing drizzle there a few hours before my flight, but then it will warm up to above freezing before I'm supposed to take off. This one is also a direct flight, which means no getting stuck somewhere on a layover if my connecting flight is canceled.

The problem is that I booked my flight through, and they charge a $150 change fee. The balance of what I paid would be available as a credit to travel on until Dec 2008. But then I'd also have to find transportation from Sanford Airport, since Disney's Magical Express doesn't pick up there.

I can't make up my mind- trying to do so much at once has blown circuits in my brain, and I'm now totally incapable of making decisions. I think I'm going to sleep on it, check the weather again in the morning, and go from there.

Oh, the other benifit of flying out of Springfield- I would have to leave home early tomorrow afternoon if I fly out of Joplin, but leaving from Springfield gives me until Monday morning. And oh, if you could see my house, you would understand how much I NEED that extra time. And sleep. I haven't slept in forever. It's 1:40am, and I have to be up by 8.

How do I feel so utterly unprepared for something I've been planning all year?

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Shannon said...

It will all come together for you. So glad you're keeping a blog of your adventure!