Thursday, February 21, 2008

I just woke up....from a seven hour nap. I laid down to read when I got home from class, and apparently was out like a light. Oops! Good thing I had no plans tonight!

Since I know that some of you are using my blog as a way to keep up with me (Hi, Jaimie & Rhonda! Come visit already!), I thought I'd use my weird hour awakeness to catch you guys up on my work transfer, and other goings-on!

Saturday was my last day at Speedway! Leaving was a little bittersweet, since I've really grown to like a lot of the people who work there. But since I can always visit, and still plan to pick up some shifts, it's not like I'll never see them again, which makes it easier! I celebrated my last day of Speedway at the Adv Club Saturday night with some friends (thanks for the drink, Lexi dear!). Okay, so I had been planning on going anyway, but it being my last MK day was a nice excuse!

I have most of my MK costume stuff turned in, just one turtleneck that I still need to hunt down. I lost a belt somewhere that I'll have to pay for, but I'm *really* thankful that's all I lost, because a belt is like $2. On my last day, I had costuming print me a list of the stuff I still had out, and dude, costumes are EXPENSIVE. A Tomorrowland Speedway shirt will cost you $42, and a vest from the Pirate Princess Party is $52! OUCH!

I thought that 4 days in a row of spending 8 hours in the classroom would be fairly boring, but it really wasn't bad at all. We only had two people in our class, as opposed to the usual large class of up to 30, which was really nice. The front desk system is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. What's really cool, though, is that they have a lab attached to the classroom that's set up like an actual front desk for you to practice in. You take turns playing guests and checking people in, which is fun. I actually ended up having a little *too* much fun getting into character of the guests I was playing. After the four days, I feel really prepared for front desk. They gave us a ton of info, but also plenty of time to practice using it. Now if I can just remember to give people their IDs back (my worst problem!), I'll be fine!

Since there were just two of us, class went faster than usual, so we ended up with really long lunch breaks. It was SO nice to have time to relax for a change! On the first day, the Disney U. cafeteria was close, so I went over to MK, planning to grab something from the Mouseketeria. At the last second, I decided I'd rather head up to the park, so I went upstairs and wandered around. After some wandering, I decided that something sweet from the MS Bakery sounded amazing, so I headed for Main Street. Once I got there, I found a yummy-looking brownie, but when I went to pay, my bank card was declined! The lady at the register kept asking me for an alternate way to pay, but given that I was just in class today and didn't plan to be spending any money, that was all I had on me! (Apparently my account was $2 negative. Oops! Um, have I mentioned I'm REALLY poor right now?) I only had like $1.50 in cash with me, and my brownie was something like $4, so I had to leave it behind, and head back to class with no lunch. SAD!
The other days were better- I spent the second day down in the DU cafeteria reading (I've been reading "Savage Beauty" about Edna St Vincent Millay for MONTHS now- I'm finally almost finished, thanks to long lunches!) On Day 3, I decided to grab lunch at the Wilderness Lodge, and spent my time out on the balcony overlooking the courtyard. LOVE it there! Today, I spent my final lunch break with a brownie from Roaring Forks (one of my favorite Disney treats!), curled up in the lobby of the Villas at Wilderness Lodge with my book. I think my lunches are the most downtime I'v had in WEEKS- I'm constantly going! Just getting to sit and eat and read was AWESOME.

When I woke up tonight, I found that I had a voicemail from my sister and an e-mail from my mom. Turns out my mom was in a car accident today. She was driving through town and someone pulled out of Taco Bell *right* into her. She's okay- a little sore, but her car isn't so okay. She's only had that car a few months, so I'm really sad that it may not make it! MUCH better than mom being the one to need major repairs, though!!! I am SO glad that she's ok! I can't imagine what I'd do if anything happened to her right now! I talked her into going to the chiropractor tomorrow to get checked out, just in case anything is worse than it feels. It's scary to be 1000 miles away when something like this happens!

In MUCH happier news, Kelly will be here tonight!!! (ie Thurs night) She's flying in late tonight, and gets to stay for a few days to play at Disney! I am mucho excited! Plus my schedule even worked out that I get one whole day off during her weekend, and one day I'm off by 2pm, which is SO much better than I expected! Huzzah! There's been SO much going on lately that it will be great to kick back and have fun for a few days! (And did I mention that I get to sleep in a BED for two whole nights? Yay for the CM Disney resort discount! I miss furniture!)
I'm picking her up from the airport tomorrow/today night (It's 5am, so technically today, but tomorrow in my mind. Whatever!) Sadly, the rest of my day is incredibly dull: Do laundry, clean house, do taxes. All the stuff I've been needing to do for ages, but haven't actually gotten to. Whee!

I'll try to update after the Kelly weekend, but if nothing else, I'll have eight zillion new photos of our shenanigans to post. Until then, Kungaloosh!


Anonymous said...

HI to you too!!! WOW - I got a mention in a blog!!! We can't wait to see you in September - I wish it was NOW!!!

I looked out the window yesterday afternoon and saw that it was snowing... AGAIN... and I let loose with a string of profanities that a truck driver would have been proud of!

If I have my way, we'll be neighbors in 15 months (18 months if Mia gets HER way).

C-ya soon! Jaime

Rhonda said...

This is the first blog I've ever been mentioned in, but then again it's the first blog I've ever read.

Looking forward to seeing you in Sept. and hoping you can join us for lunch/dinner one day.


Anonymous said...

I was just there this past week! I looked for you at the Speedway, was actually going to ride (as a joke) but never did. Went to the Pirate part on the 22nd and had a blast even though I was getting sick.

My husband and I went to the Adv Club Monday and TUesday andclosed the place both nights. Too much fun. I have some pictures that I need to share with you.
On Thursday we bought DVC, so we will be down there more often.

We will be there in Sept and in November

Hope to see more updates