Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm still not used to being back to a life where actually having a night at home is rare. (And I'm still not 100% sure I'm staying home tonight. I may go get groceries, or go to the Club...or both...) (Case in point... I started writing this on Friday, got two paragraphs in, and am now finishing on Tuesday!)

I got home from work last Friday and was grabbing a bite to eat before the nap I had been looking forward to (since I knew I'd be out late that night). While I was eating, I noticed my tooth felt funny, and went to look in the mirror. I'd lost a filling! D'oh! And of course, I'd lost it at 4pm on a Friday afternoon.

I called over 15 different dentists, and NOBODY had an opening that afternoon. I was stuck for the weekend, so I ran to Wal-Mart and picked up some temporary filling stuff, popped it in, and was good to go. I got the abbreviated version of my nap, and set off downtown to catch Black Ship Sky's gig. Despite living here almost 2 months now, I had yet to venture downtown. I was fairly proud that I managed to make it there easily (Get on I4 and stay there for a while isn't that complicated...), but I did do a few circles around the general vicinity of the bar before I both found parking and a way to get there on the evil one-way streets.

The show was awesome, and if you live in the Orlando area, you seriously need to catch the next one, if only for the Quidditch song, which I love possibly a little too much. (See myspace.com/blackshipsky for your listening pleasure)

Some of us had to work early the next morning, so the plan was to leave fairly quickly after the band played, but you guys know the chances of me actually leaving *anywhere* early are slim to none. Fun wins out over sleep anytime!

Some of these people are in a band, some are not! Hint: the chicks are not. You can't tell, but we're sitting on a chair shaped like a tongue sticking out of a giant mouth.

We decided to be responsible little workers and call it a night around 12:30, and I followed some of the people I was with out to the parking garage, only to get inside and announce, "Hey, I don't think I'm in the right garage!" Not funny now, but at the time, (ahem, alcohol.) it was hilarious. I waved goodbye, and set off towards the garage where I had actually parked.

Or thought I did.

After a couple of blocks, I realized I had turned the wrong way. Oops! I usually have a surprisingly good sense of direction (surprising only if you've ever gone anywhere with my mom or sister..), but I think walking the wrong way to begin with totally threw me off. I remembered that when I walked to the bar, I made a mental note of "Okay, when I leave, I just turn right on Street X, and then left on Street Y. Easy!" Totally simple... if only I could remember what X and Y were! D'oh!

And that's how I found myself wandering around downtown Orlando alone for half an hour at 1am. Oh, poor security guards who were on their very first night on the job, thank you for being vaguely reassuring, if clueless, the three times I stopped to talk to you. And oh, lovely homeless man who wished me a happy birthday (a month late, dude.), I hope you are well.

After more than half an hour of wandering, I was starting to get a little freaked out. I'd been going in circles for so long that I'd totally lost all sense of direction, not to mention the fact that I think some of the people on the street were starting to notice that I'd passed them four times, I decided to head back to the bar to see if anyone I knew was still there. Luckily, I ran into a friend the second I walked in, and he pulled a knight in shining armor thing and walked with me until I found my car, which was much easier once I had him with me, because I was able to stop freaking out and think clearly.

Is anyone else noticing a theme of my car ending up in random locations around Orlando, and me having to set off on a quest to get it back? Let's hope that's the last time for a while!

So, that was last Friday! Which at least brings me up to date as of two weeks ago- woo! Let's try to be a bit quicker about the rest, eh?

Oooh, slightly out of order- the Tuesday before that, I had my interview to concierge. As you can guess, it was awesome. When the basic requirements are knowing how hotels work and knowing Disney World, I'm IN. I think that's the first time I've ever walked into an interview 100% confident that I'd get the job. (Although imagine the blow to my ego if I hadn't! Hah!) They told me it would be about three weeks before I would transfer (A few days to process the paperwork, and then 2 weeks of notice to my current position), which if you do the math, means I am transfering SOON! I have three days of Speedway left, and one Pirate Princess Party, and then I am no longer working at MK! Crazy!

There are things I will miss, a lot. And I don't just miss the addictive tangerine slushie things from the Mouseketeria that I am fairy sure contain crack, because I am hooked. Mostly, I will miss people. I plan to pick up an occasional extra shift there just to visit, because otherwise leaving would be much more sad.

I will not miss exhaust fumes, smelling like car, really hot days, really rainy days, or my tan lines of evil.

Think I'm kidding about how bad the tan is? Observe:

Um, yeah. And that is WITH slathering on SPF 70 every day. I didn't even know they MADE SPF 70 until I moved here!

Remember the tooth issue I mentioned about eighty paragraphs ago? THAT has been fun! Since I lost the filling on Friday afternoon, I was stuck till Monday. However, when Monday rolled around, I was feeling sick and didn't want to deal with it, so I made an appointment for Wednesday. To make a long and sucky story short, I waited nearly an hour and a half just to be seen, got an x-ray taken, waited another half an hour, was momentarily peeked at by the dentist, and promptly told that I need two crowns. Um, what? No, I just need you to replace the filling. I would get needing a crown if my tooth was worse, but this is a tiny filling that fell out, there's no way I need a crown. Nor does the tooth next to it.

We went around in a few circles of "You need crowns" "I just want the filling replaced", "There's no point, it needs a crown", "Dude, no, and also, I don't have insurance till April", "Fine, whatever."

So, I was planning to just have them fill it, until I got the estimate. $600 for two fillings. Dude! I'm not sure if dentists are more expensive here than in Missouri, or if they were just seriously trying to screw me, but there is no way I was going to pay that much. I've had more than my share of trips to the dentist (acid reflux is not so good on the teeth!), so I have fairly realistic expectations of what things cost by now. To get the filling replaced and take care of the tooth next to it should have cost (at the very most) around $350-$400.

So, $94 later, I left. ($94 for ONE x-ray and a thirty second exam!) I haven't yet decided if I'm going to try another dentist soon, wait till April 1 when my insurance kicks in, or wait until I'm home for a visit in April and go to my regular dentist (who hopefully takes my insurance!). I'm sure the temporary filling stuff I have in was inteded to be used for days, not weeks, but there's really not much else I can do right now. Luckily, I'm not in pain- I don't even notice it- but if that changes, I'll have to figure something out!

This is long, so I shoud shut up and post. Funny enough, the only way I actually found a chance to sit still long enough to write is that the sprinklers outside my apartment woke me up at 4am. It's now 6, and I want to try to sleep another hour or so before getting ready for an 11 hour day at work. I'm getting really good at working long hours on no sleep, but I'd really rather avoid it if I can!

Coming up in the week ahead: A day off! Which through awesome synchronicity coincides with a last minute Black Ship Sky show, so I'm totally going. (And drawing a map of where my car is!) Also, I'm picking up a Pirate & Princess Party shift, for which I get to wear a costume that is actually feminine for once! No steel-toed boots or anything! Squee! Then my last day at Speedway, followed by my resort orientation, several days of training, and Kelly coming to visit!
It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!


Heather said...

Glad to hear from you!
FWIW, on the DIS there's some area dentist who's notorious for overcharging-so you *might* want to consider another dentist-or at least ask around.

Naima said...

holy crap you are tan-tastic! and in Feburary...?

erica said...

Not only did you survive Crime Hills.....you survived walking around Downtown by yourself! Kudos!

The one-way streets do suck, for sure.

I'll try to make it to MK before your last day, but I don't know if I will! I might just have to come and bug you at your hotel.....hehe