Tuesday, March 18, 2008

101- Now Complete!

101 Things to do in 1001 Days List- Now complete! (See previous post for info!)

1. Take photos every day for a year

2. Go horseback riding
It has been years. I can’t *believe* it has been years! I used to ride every day. Of course, that’s when I had my own horse, which made a difference. But still. Get thee to a stable!

3. Do another Blogathon

4. Enjoy Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian (again)

5. Ride a Segway

6. Take a yoga class

7. Kiss someone new

8. Buy a teapot

9. Behind the Seeds tour at Epcot’s Land pavilion

10. Eat crème brulee

11. Try 30 new things in 30 days

EDIT- I’ve been at this for a few days now, and am very much considering upgrading it to 365 New Things in 365 Days, it’s so fun!

12. Visit Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach, so that I will have officially been to every WDW Resort (And Fort Wilderness! I forgot it!)

13. Try the school bread from Norway at Epcot that everyone raves about

14.Clean up my Favorites folder in IE.
I have SO much stuff in there! Sort through, organize, clean out the sites that no longer exist or I no longer need, rediscover stuff I forgot about.

15. Blog every day for a month

16. Take an American Tribal Style bellydance class

17. Find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year- I saw this on someone’s list at 43things.com, and thought it sounded very good.

18. Attend the Orlando Fringe Festival

19. Visit London
I’ve been drawn to this city for as long as I can remember. Bill Bryson has a theory that everyone has numerous "homes" in the world, and we travel because we are in search of them. (Oh man, I think it was Bryson... it may have been Steinbeck!)

20. Do another "26 Things" photo project

21. Get a tattoo-
I’ve been trying to decide what I want to get for ages now, so if I don’t make up my damn mind within the next few years, I am going to kick myself. I might let you kick me, too.

22. Dentist! I have several things that I need to have done, and will finally have insurance soon!

23. Try the Rooibos "Miracle tea" at Animal Kingdom

24. Go to Jellyrolls

25. Catch a show at Comedy Warehouse

26. Go to the FL Keys

27. Eat pancakes at that place Katie told me about, the name of which I am too lazy to look up.

28. Take photos in a photo booth. Must be one that prints out a strip of photos, no lame 5x7s or anything.

29. Slow dance

30. Finish up my trip report on the DIS boards. Preferably in *less* than 1000 days.

31. Eat at the Sci-Fi Dine In at Hollywood Studios.

32. Try something new at Starbucks

33. Star Wars Weekends!

34. See a space shuttle launch.

35. Take a non-bellydance dance class

36. Do a 40s/50s Pin-up girl style photoshoot (not nude, just cute!)

37. See "Across the Universe"

38. Read something by Jane Austen

39. Get a massage

40. Go to I-Bar

41. Read a Shakespeare play that I haven’t read yet, or see one of his plays that I haven’t seen

42. Go on a cruise

43. Try a new fruit or vegetable

44. Stay up all night having a great conversation

45. Buy a reusable grocery bag

46. Visit a new state

47. Pay off at least one credit card

48. Back up my laptop

49. Watch Season 1 of Heroes

50. Catch up on Season 1 of Pushing Daisies

51. Read 10 books recommended by friends (Start leaving suggestions in the comments!)

52. Find out what my credit score is (Most likely it is something like 2.)

53. Do volunteer work through VoluntEars (or in general)

54. Eat/Drink at Raglan Road Irish Pub (preferably on a night with live entertainment)

55. See Todd
There’s something wrong about not seeing one of your very best friends for over 4 years!

56. See 20 live bands (Seeing Black Ship Sky 20 times does not count, sadly.)

57. See Cirque! (La Nouba)

58. Read 100 books

59. Actually use the pool at my apartment complex

60. Actually use the gym at my apartment complex (HAH!)

61. Finally read Kingdom by the Sea by Paul Theroux (this appears on every one of my lists as a sort of running joke- for some reason, I NEVER get around to reading this book!)

62. Go to Universal Studios

63. Visit Islands of Adventure

64. Stand in the ocean (Hopefully both Atlantic & Pacific!)

65. Nap in a hammock

66. Play board games

67. Dance like nobody’s watching

68. Try ice wine

69. Walk the trail between Wilderness Lodge and Ft Wilderness

70. Read "Walking in this World" (the sequel to Artist’s Way)

71. Do the Sharon Kihara tribal dance dvd that has been on my bookshelf for months now

72. Have at least 5 friends teach me to do something they’re good at (Volunteers?)

73. Meet someone I admire

74. Get a great fortune cookie fortune

75. Attend a nerd convention of some sort

76. Actually write morning pages every day for a month

77. Either play Star Wars Galaxies or Matrix Online again, or try WoW or LOTRO

78. Attend some form of religious service- preferably one I’m unfamiliar with.

79. "Go to one of those target practice gun shooting things" (Katie and I agreed that this should go on the list with the exact wording in which it came about.)

80. Actually wear heels somewhere. (Bonus points for not falling over!)

81. Take a class at Ilham’s bellydance studio

82. Take a burlesque dance class

83. Visit home

84. Have photos I’ve taken published

85. Do some kind of acting, even if it’s just a job as an extra. It’s been fo-ever!

86. Flower & Garden festival @ Epcot

87. Food & Wine fest @ Epcot (again!) Try at least 10 things (not ALL wine…)

88. Go to another ren faire

89. Attend a film festival

90. Gatorland!

91. The Wine Room in Winter Park- they have machines that sell wine by the ounce!

92. Work our way through the martini menu at Blue Martini
92b. Apologize to liver for damage done by various numbers on this list

93. See white alligators, bears (1 threat to America!), and ride glass bottom boats at Silver Springs in Ocala

94. See the ducks at the Peabody Orlando

95. Eat fondue at the Melting Pot

96. See wild manatees (Or, as I call them in my conversation with Katie, "REAL manatees!")

97. Dine and dance on the tables at Taverna Opa

98. Enjoy the food and art at Café Tu Tu Tango

99. Buy a piece of original art

100. Buy/acquire a small digital camera that I can toss in my purse for easy everyday access. (My good camera is a little bulky to carry *all* the time)

101. Post blog updates about all of the above items!

The Bonus Items:

102. Celebrate the end of 1001 days on Monday, Dec 13, 2010

103. Write a new list to start over!

104. Donate $1 to charity for every item not completed

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


While attempting to clean out my favorites folder (holy jumbled mess of links, batman!), I came across my old "101 in 1001" list. I had totally forgotten about it.

101 in 1001 is a project where you come up with a list of 101 things you'd like to do within 1001 days. It's similar to my infamous List of Things to do in my lifetime (aka the Adventure List), but on a more immediate, tangible scale, because things on the 101 list are ones I can actually see myself doing within the next 2.75 years.

I have around fifty days until my original 1001 are up, and my first instinct was to push and see how many of the items on the list I could accomplish by then. However, looking down the list, I was surprised at how many of them are no longer applicable, or just not that important to me anymore.

My new list is coming along, but while I'm working on it, I wanted to invite you guys to do one, too! I'd love to see your lists, as well as have people to talk about it with!

The official website of the project is Day Zero, which is a great place to look for more info. (They also have a link to a handy dandy tool that figures out what date is 1001 days from now!) But in short, the basic guidelines are:

-Your goals should be measurable: Will you be able to look at your list 1001 days from now, and say "Yes, I did that!" or "Nope! Didn't happen." "Be healthier", for example, is pretty vague. "Be able to run a mile", or "Stop drinking soda" are more specific.

-They should be realistic: You, like me, may want to be fluent in 12 languages before you kick the bucket. Or to travel the entire freakin' globe. But how likely are you to accomplish that within 1001 days? While I'd love to have "Travel to 100 countries" on my list, I know how financially impaired I am, so "Travel to at least one country I've never been to" is way more realistic.

-But they shouldn't be TOO easy: "Do laundry", for example, is fine for your weekly to-do list, but do you really want to waste one of your 101 on it? Nah.

(Just to see, I counted it up, and I accomplished 31 of my original 101 things without paying attention to my list. That's something, right?)

-Make it FUN! Sure, you'll have some stuff like "Pay off my credit card" in there, but it doesn't have to all be serious! Include all those things you keep saying you'll do, but never seem to get around to (road trips, girl's nights out, movie marathons, visiting fun local stuff, etc.) Throw in a few incredibly silly ones for good measure.

So go write up a list, and give me the link! If 101 is too many for you, how about 20 things to do this year?

Here's a sneak preview of a few things from my list to get you started:
-Blog every day for a month
-Buy a teapot
-Take an American Tribal Style bellydance class

What's on your list?

Friday, March 07, 2008


DSCN9334, originally uploaded by crystalw07.

This is what the ground should always look like.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Not allowed!

Counting out loud in a room where several people are trying to count money should be illegal. Just sayin'.