Monday, June 29, 2009

to blog or not to blog?

I stopped by the blogathon website yesterday, and saw that this year's thon is set for July 25th. ACK!

I *really* want to do the blogathon again. It's on my 101/1001 list, and I really just miss doing it! It's crazy fun, and for a good cause.

However, the 25th is a Saturday, so I work. I am planning to request the day off, but almost all of my requests have been denied lately. In fact, I already requested the 24th off, and got denied. So is there even a chance?

If you're new around here, the blogathon is a (mostly) annual event where a whole lotta people sign up to blog every half hour for 24 hours to raise $ for charity. I've done it pretty much every time it has happened since the beginning, which is pretty far back.

This year, it runs from 9am on the 25th-9am on the 26th. In some past years, I have started at like 6am, which I actually prefer, weirdly enough. The getting up early part sucks, but it is WAY easier to stay up till 6am than 9, no matter when you start. In my case, though, the 9am would probably be a blessing, since I'm hoping to go to a concert the night before, and there's no way I'll make it home from that before 1am.

I guess all I can really do at this point is request the day off and hope. I'm wondering if I technically *could* still participate from work, if I don't get the day off. I don't think blogging is something that's technically, ya know, *allowed* from work, though. And it would be REALLY hard to get a post in every half hour with everything else going on. And half the fun of the blogathon is participating in the chatrooms and listening to the blogathon radio stations that pop up online, and basically the whole sense of community. Even if I could post from work, I couldn't take part in all of that, which would really suck.

And of course, thanks to my Immune System of Doom (aka "my one white blood cell named Larry who is doing his best!"), there's no way I can afford to just call in that day. I just missed 2 days thanks to a deeee-lightful stomach bug that left me unable to drink slurpees from 7-11 anytime soon, or possibly ever again.

I think part of my hunger to participate stems from the fact that I woke up *really* missing my "old" life today. I'm craving a visit home, hardcore. Every now and then it really hits me how much my world has changed in the past couple of years, and while most of the time I'm blissfully happy with this new life I have settled into, sometimes nostalgia still creeps in. And the blogathon is something that I always did then, so maybe it's wanting that little bit of familiarity, that way to connect the old with the new.

Cross your fingers for the day off!

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