Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you like mail? And free stuff? ME TOO!

A nifty company called Myblogspark, and another company you probably know, Nature Valley , hooked me up with a big ol' box o' stuff in exchange for reviewing their new nut clusters!

I got one bag of each of four varieties (Roasted Almond, honey roasted peanut, roasted cashew, and mixed nut), a little backpack made of organic and recycled materials that is just the right size to be a theme park bag, a water bottle made by h2go (it's stainless steel, and I was very amused that the instructions tell me not to microwave it!), some binnoculars, and a little flashlight thing that I can't quite figure out. It has a little pump mechanism that makes it light up, or you can just flip a switch. It's a little confusing, but is the one thing that didnt come with info! However, it was an AWESOME box-o-stuff, and I plan to use it all asap!

Just to be especially thorough, I let Cricket test out and review the box everything came in:

I dug into the cashew nut clusters while I was still opening everything, and decided they were pretty tasty. Those and the nut lovers ones are probably my favorite. Surprisingly, the honey roasted peanut ones don't do much for me, and I usually love anything honey roasted! I tossed some of the bags in my work bag on Tuesday to nibble on during my break, which they were perfect for.

Want a snazzy snack pack of cool things of your very own? Well, you are in luck! They will hook up one lucky winner with what sounds like the same prize pack they sent me! Since Nature Valley is all outdoorsy, leave me a comment telling me what you're looking forward to doing outside now that it's starting to cool off for fall, and I'll let the computer randomly pick a winner from the commenters to win the prize pack! Ooh, ahh! (Be sure to leave an email address to contact you at if we don't talk in person regularly!)

Edited to add- all comments must be recieved by the end of 10/03/09 to qualify!

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Megan said...

I'm really looking forward to my training runs now that it is cooler. I bet those snacks would be great treats while I run too!