Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2009 Year in Review...

Can you believe it is December? Like, almost the end of the year? Me, either! Although on the other hand, I look back at everything that has happened since January, and think "holy crap, that all happened in ONE year??". So how was your 2009? Mine went a little like this:

In January...

We went to see Ambertone...

DSCN1931 DSCN1915

And Black Ship Sky at the Haven.

This did not end well for Thuan.

My apartment got broken into (again), and my (brand new, month old) laptop got stolen (again.)

(The above photo is broken window glass on my bed, if you can not tell.)

I cried, a lot, for about a week, until I found my shiny new apartment!

Can I tell you how awesome it was to have a real kitchen again, after 5 months of not having a stove or dishwasher or garbage disposal or full-sized fridge? I may have made out with the fridge when I got it. Only a little.

Plus, my pretty new apartment is on the 3rd floor, where few people other than Spiderman are going to randomly come in through my windows and steal my stuff. Yay!

In February,

Ashlee and I celebrated my near nervous breakdown from moving in the only way we know how:

By catching Black Ship Sky at the AKA Lounge and consuming copious amounts of booze! We started by ordering 2 drinks each, and lost count (or maybe just the ability to count) pretty quickly after. I reminisced about the last time I had been to that venue- my very first concert in FL one year before, and all the sillyness that had followed. Had way too much fun once again!

Katie and I did not play golf, but had a delightful time running around the course taking pictures, anyway:

In March,

I spent a lot of time laying around in hammocks at Coronado Springs resort reading and eating gelato!

(I should do that again soon!)

And my car almost got towed from my license plates being expired. Poor Apple!

In April,

Ashlee and I went to the beach and got sunburned like crazy

(I STILL have the tan lines!)

In May,

My work people were treated to a day of fun by Sammy Duvall at his water sports center. We flew over Bay Lake!

I won a certificate to go parasailing again for free, but haven't used it yet! Must make plans!

In June,

Judy and I got to go vrooooom in a ride-along in a race car at the Richard Petty Speedway.

I totally blinked for my photo.

In July,

I tried on this Woodstock inspired shirt at Target, but did not buy it because it did not fit awesomely, but now the secret inner hippie in me really wishes I had, so I am making it your secret mission to find me one:

and Ash and I went to see Ambertone play at Hard Rock Live at Universal City Walk, thanks to FREE tickets the band gave us!

In September,

We spent pretty much all of our days at the water parks, and our Saturday nights at Sloppy Taco!

Also, Katie M came to visit, who I haven't seen in like a decade!

And in a surreal weird night, I got to go back to the Adventurers Club for a final hurrah!

(Which was way too weird. I did not think I would want to go back, but I am glad I did. You really can't go home again, but I realized that I still have the most important parts of that place with me.)

In October,

We caught Lost in Chaos and Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band at Buffalo Wild Wings' 10th anniversary party:

And saw Boyz II Men at Epcot while enjoying the Food & Wine Fest!

And Katie and I drank copious amounts of tea:

In November,

Katie and I went to Cirque du Soleil (not pictured), wrote novels (I won NaNoWriMo for a change!), and did Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

...and then I spent the rest of the month and the first half of December sick. Whee!!

I did make it out long enough to semi-celebrate my b-day at Rusty O'Reilly's with Needham and Weep!

So there are still a couple of weeks left in the year, but I suppose that wraps things up for now!

How has your year been?

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