Friday, December 18, 2009


I have been home sick for *weeks* now, and as a result of such, have spent a crazy amount of time on the internets. As a result, I have some new favorite sites to share. First on the list:

Lovely Listing is a collection of awesome photos from real estate listings. I have been reading back through all of the archives. Seriously, ALL, I am on page 24 and am not yet tired of it. Beyond just the pictures, they also feature the best comments on each one, which makes it that much better!


Of *course* this one is from Florida. Of course.


What's sad is that I would totally love to have that staircase in my bedroom. I would reenact the balcony scene of Romeo & Juliet like... ALL the time. (Aren't you sad you aren't dating me?)

Now this is my idea of a great dining room! Personally, I would probably decorate with my giant Legolas and Aragorn cardboard stand-ups, but ya know, different strokes...
(And of course, it is from Missouri. I love that pics I picked randomly represent my two "home" states!)

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