Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So, might as well catch up on some random things!


Here are my current "weekend" plans-

- Weds morning-Coffee and writing at Starbucks in the morning. I was inspired by this series on Flickr. I usually write my Morning Pages (3 pages of stream-of-conscious, a major component of The Artist's Way books) at home, or in the drawing room at the Beach Club, or a hammock somewhere. I saw these photos, and silently whined "why can't *I* write my pages sitting in a coffeeshop drinking something yummy?". I couldn't think of a reason why not, so tomorrow I am treating myself to some morning caffeine, and a change of scenery. (I've been SO broke lately, it's been forever since I've let myself splurge on anything at all, so spending $4 on coffee is going to feel unspeakably decadant!)

-weds afternoon- Possible Typhoon Lagoon lazyness with Shelly. We want to take advantage of this block of time when admission is free. I've never been to one of the Disney waterparks, and I think it may even be on my 101/1001 list. I'm thinking a dip in the wave pool and lazy river, and some hardcore laying around doing nothing, sipping something cold and reading something sure to kill brain cells. (Emily Giffin book, I'm looking at you!)

-weds evening/night- Either sit at home and watch the Wall-E dvd a coworker loaned me weeks ago, or go out and check out flower & garden fest at Epcot, before doing my usual days off round of the Boardwalk area. Hopefully I'll be inspired to write, I haven't touched the novel-in-process in at least a month. But if not, at least the atmosphere is always refreshing for the spirit.

-Thursday: Possible beach trip with Ashlee. In other words, day 2 of 2 of laying around in the sun doing nothing. I <3>

Friday- Weird work schedule, thanks to manager awesomeness (after minimal begging). Go into work earlyish, leave earlyish, go directly to Rusty O'Reilly's for rockstar/blues awesomeness. Hooray! (Note to self- Do not drink as much as last time. Their drinks are crazy expensive!!)

I like that fun plans Friday night make it feel almost like I have 3 days off. Add in that I got off early tonight, and it's almost 4! Woot!


What is up with trying to find a decent bathing suit if you have boobs?? I've been searching for over a month now, with NO luck. Being a tall girl, I can't wear a one-piece because my torso is too long, so they only come up to about my armpits. (Flattering!) Thanks to the whole "Really Poor Disney CM diet", I'm now comfortable enough to wear a bikini, which would be kind of fun, since I don't think I have since I was like... 6... but I CANT find one that does anything flattering to my chest. Pardon my lack of modesty, but I have Amazing Boobs of Awesomeness-- and yet every bikini top I have tried makes them look like squishy lumps of doom! (DOOM!)

Am I over-sharing?

I've tried on several similar to this:

Looks flattering, right? Nope! Doom-boobs!
Unfortunately, all of the bikinis with underwires seem to look like this:

a) if I wanted to go out on the beach looking like I was wearing my bra, I would skip spending $ on a bikini and wear my frickin' bra.
b) Holy bad boob job, batman!
I broadened my search to tankinis, only to find one that looked perfect, and then discover that it only came in 32D. Grrr!

A few "winners" from my Amazon search--


I'm somehow strangelt reminded of "Dirty Dancing".

ACK! Cheap tropical hotel furniture threw up on your swimsuit!!

I'm tempted to fall back on my bellydancer "we like to sew stuff to bras" roots and make my own top be combining a deconstructed bra and bikini.
Any suggestions?

Finally, since I've neglected blogging so much lately, I'm thinking about doing the old "Every Day in May" challenge I used to do, in which I post every da... well, you get it. Anyone have something you'd like to see me write about? I'd love some ideas!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

What I really want to do tomorrow: Pop over to Animal Kingdom for a bit in the late morning, grab a chai freeze from the Anandapur Tea Co., and wander around a bit watching tigers and gorillas and such. Maybe visit the Yeti.

The Reality: The $3.50-ish the tea would cost me is unfortunatly the amount of $ I have to spend for food this whole week. And I only have 1/2 a frozen pizza in the freezer, a can of soup, and enough leftover stuff to make 1 more enchilada.

Stupid economy, keeping me from my tigers & tea!