Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cooking with Crystal, Volume 1

Today, gentle readers, I would like to share with you some advice that comes straight from my kitchen this fine morning.

Say that you are, perhaps, a friend of all things carbohydrate. And let's also say that you opened a roll of croissant dough about a week ago. Just for giggles, let's also say that you have been sick for eight hundred and fifty-seven (or two) months, and as a result, have the appetite of a very small and fragile bird, and therefore know there is NO FREAKING WAY you will eat all 8 croissants before they get funky and inedible.


If you should only make 4 of the croissants from the little triangles of dough that day, is it a good idea to freeze/refrigerate the rest of the dough for a week, in hopes that you can have the rest of the yummy baked goods another day?

Learn from my pain, friends. It is not ok. You will get all excited about bready goodness, only to have your every hope and dream crushed.

This is exactly why one should always have a box of pop tarts on hand, for nutritional emergencies.

Here Endeth the Lesson

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