Monday, January 25, 2010

I did nothing

This is pretty much a "What I did on my Summer Vacation" post, just replace "summer" with "January"- you have been warned!

I flew home on Friday the 15th, and immediately froze to death! Did you guys know Missouri is cold in the winter? I probably should since I lived there for about 26 years, but yeesh! I will stick with Florida this time of year, thanks!

Before I left, I told everyone who asked that I was going to spend my vacation sitting on the couch with my cat, watching TV, and eating, and that is pretty much what I did! My mom met me at the airport, and we stopped at Quick Trip on the way home for coffee, because we don't have QT here, and they have good coffee! They actually have vanilla cupcake cappuccinos! NOM!

Once I made it home, the first thing I did was snuggle with my cat Tallulah for about fifty hours. I have missed her more than words can say! I took a break from kitty-cuddling to look through some of the boxes that were still in my apartment downstairs.

A little info, if you are new around here- I used to live in a "mother in law apartment" (which we called a "poor daughter apartment") downstairs from my mom's house. I moved out to FL with just one car load of stuff, and my mom has mailed out a couple of boxes since then, but a LOT of my stuff is still back in MO, including a lot of clothes, books, dvds, and all my furniture. It felt like Christmas digging through boxes of books and clothes that I had forgotten I owned! I spent most of the week trying clothes on and deciding what I wanted to smoosh in my suitcase to bring back to FL with me, and what I could still live without.

Other than a lot of stuff looking through, I pretty much did exactly what I said I would: I watched TV, snuggled my cats, hung out with my mom, and ate, a LOT. And it was good! When you live at Disney World, you get used to being kind of over-stimulated, so just doing NOTHING for about a week is a welcome change! And when you can never afford food, having a house full of food is AWESOME. Throw in satelite TV when you haven't had a TV in two years, and that is my vacation. By the time I was leaving the next Saturday, I thought of all of the things I had wanted to do while home and never did, but I was ok with my lazyness. Sometimes, you just need to sit around and rest!

I got back to FL at 7pm on Saturday, and by 9pm, Ashlee and I were on our way to the Haven to see Lost in Chaos and Ambertone play. Both bands were amazing- Ambertone has a new guitarist from Venezuela, and he was really good, a little bit of a harder sound. Lost in Chaos was on fire, my friend Simon is their new guitarist, and they played a couple of songs he wrote that sounded fantastic. After Lost in Chaos, we jumped back in the car and sped to Sloppy Taco to try to catch the end of Johnny Plastic and the Rubber Band's set, but the guys were already loading equipment into Nic's truck by the time we got there. Epic fail! Somewhere on the way home from STP, we started laughing, and it evolved into a total giggle-fest that resulted in us barely making it up the apartment stairs and collapsing on my living room floor laughing for about half an hour. Excellent night!

Here's a video I took the last time we saw Ambertone at the Haven. It's my favorite part of my 2nd favorite Ambertone song-- sound on the video sucks, but it still makes me happy!

Dave took this awesome photo of Ashlee and I in between sets.

This one turned out much better!

Ash and I were trying to take this silly bar bathroom mirror pic, when some random chick walked in. I think we scared her, a lot!

Amazingly fun night! We get to see both Ambertone and Lost in Chaos again in a few weeks, and can't wait!

I was back to work today, teaching the orientation for my resort. I had 21 in my class today, so I had no voice by the end of the day! It was a good group, though, and a pretty easy day. I had to drive the 15-passenger van again, and didn't hit the curb once this time! (Last class kept a running count of how many I hit! Ok, it was only 2...)

I work in concierge tomorrow night, and then thankfully have Weds/Thurs off! Teach again on Fri, regular work on Sat, and then weirdly have Sunday off because they switched my days around next week so I can teach an extra day. Whew! I think I need some sleep!

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