Friday, January 01, 2010

In which I confess that I have the technical skills of a wombat

I am pondering changing the image in my blog header, that thing up there with the title and the two me's with the two cats. Why? It has been there for a few years, and I have a short attention span. And to be honest, I am not really sure why there are TWO of me. Well, yes, I am. So that there was one with each cat. Because I couldn't be standing with Tallulah on one side, and have Lily all alone on the other! Plus, the thing I used to make it wouldn't let me put both a camera and a coffee on the same person, and both of those things are essential, so I just cloned myself. If only real life were that easy!

And so once I started thinking about my image, I realized how confusing it probably is for people who are new to my site, because... a) why are there two of me? Is this a blog by two people? (No, I am just indecicive with graphics. Camera or coffee? BOTH!) b) Those are not even the cats I live with anymore! Lula and Lily live in Missouri with my Mom. (WOW that was some alliteration! I would like retroactive high school English credit for that sentence.)

I could make an all NEW banner with Cricket and Jasper (the cats who actually share an apartment, and a time zone, with me), but then I would feel terrible for not having Tallulah on it. And here I bet you thought that being a crazy cat lady was easy! HAH!

However, making a new banner featuring me and four cats is just a tiny step too close to becoming an ACTUAL crazy cat lady than I would like to go.

I suppose the best option is to come up with a new graphic that features something ELSE. Suggestions? Ideas? Random perfectly-designed banners that you just happened to stay up all night making for me?

Blogs are sort of like houses where once you start maintenance, you seel all this OTHER stuff that you should probably fix, too. For instance, my font. When I type on Blogger, it looks like this:

(Like how this image bleeds over into my sidebar? Me, too!)

Since that is what I see when I hit publish, my brain thinks that is what the font looks like on my blog. Of course, when I do look at my actual blog, it looks more like this:


Just in case you did not notice, THOSE ARE VERY DIFFERENT. I really prefer the larger size and actual font on blogger, but try as I might to fight with my CSS, I can not get it to look the way I want. This is pretty embarassing, because I have been blogging for something like TEN YEARS at this point, and holy crap, shouldn't I be able to change my FONT at this point?

Part of my problem is that I don't use a blogger template, mine is all custom, and I don't publish to blogger, I use it to publish to my own site via FTP, which makes a lot of the customization stuff not work. And it makes the Google Friend Connect follower widget thing not work, which sucks.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of a follower widget that DOES work if you do not publish to blogger?

I just realized that this post is one giant cry for help. And upon looking at this blog published, that seeing an image of your blog IN your blog is really freaky.

And now that I just looked at it again, I am wondering why exactly I felt the need to add an image of what my blog font looks like.. ON the blog that you are reading. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Alyssa said...

Great blog now I am going to go back and read some of the older articles. Glad I found your blog...

Anonymous said...


cgyr k " lo 99

thehecticeclecticgirl said...

great! I'm still trying to figure out a bunch of stuff that you apparently already know how to do, so I guess I have the technical skills of... well, I don't know how technically savvy wombats are, so I can't complete my analogy. but you get the idea...

thehecticeclecticgirl said...

i just realized that i apparently have the literary skills of a wombat...