Friday, February 05, 2010

Please donate a zillion dollars to the "Crystal needs new clothes" fund!

These are my favorite boots. Or at least they have been for a long time, but they are now literally falling apart! Add the fact that little chunks of the faux leather type exterior fall off every time I put them on to my recent drooling over awesome shoes (see previous post), and I decided to head to the fancy schmancy mall in Orlando to try on totally overpriced stuff I can't afford.

I started out here:

At the top of the escalator, my bellydancer gene kicked in, and I was instantly drawn to shiny things!

This slip is by Free People, and is something like a billion dollars. (Okay, i think $78.) It's kind of an awkward length- too short to wear as a dress (for me, at least!), but too long to be a shirt due to how stiff it is. It did kind of make me feel like a Vegas showgirl, though, so lots of points for being fun!

I almost didn't try on the second one, but I'm glad I did!

I reeeally wish I'd gotten a better picture of this one, because I LOVED it! It had fewer sequins than the first, so it wasn't as stiff, very light. And I never wear gold or white (this is white material with gold sequins), but somehow these colors looked so good on me!

So, shopping lesson #1- don't wear a bright red bra when you are going to try on a bunch of clothes! But besides the $$$, I couldn't get this because I don't have a bra that would work with it. Given that my cup runneth over, I can almost never find strapless bras that actually work, and wearing one with straps with this kinda kills it. Plus the bra would obviously need to be a nude color, since we see how bright colors work out above!

Close-up of the fabric over jeans

They're both made by Free People, btw, which might be my new favorite clothing brand. I tried on a ton of their stuff! And this slip comes in all kinds of colors- I totally want the silver, too!

They do all kinds of layering pieces. LOVE!

I looove this sheer ballerina slip! I would never have the body to pull it off, though!

Next stop, Anthropologie!

I could LIVE in Anthropologie. It's one of my favorite stores ever! I totally fell in love with this top:

Sadly it is $98, so I'm going to have to wait till it hits ebay, or win the lottery!

I also love this shirt from Anthropologie, but didn't see it in the store:

My final stop was Macys, where I through I would just pop in, but ended up with a ginormous pile of stuff in the dressing room!

I made a total dork of myself stopping upstairs to take pictures of the awesome white butterfly display hanging from the ceiling:

(At least I think it was Macy's with the butterflies! It may have been Neiman Marcus. But all the following clothes are def. Macy's!)

Another one I fell seriously in love with, this top from Guess! It's such a flattering shape, and the leather accent is amazing! This is what the back looks like:

I am seriously considering going back to get this. It is $54, but Macys is having a wear red sale where you can get 20% off if you wear red, so that drops it down to... well, still more than I should be spending. But man is it tempting!!

I just have to point out one more thing:

How awesome is it that the shirt looks better on me than on the model?? In what alternate universe does THAT ever happen? Hello, ego boost! YAY for boobs!

When I picked up this shirt, I also decided to try the jacket/wrap thing that was on display with it, even though it isn't my usual style:

Ok, so this one does look better on the model, but I loooove it! It's not quite a sweater, because it doesn't close, more like a wrap with arms? Or if a sweater and a big scarf had a love child. ($79 from Guess)

This one is by Weston Wear, but I haven't been able to find it online! Hard to see in this dark dressing room pic, but there is a seriously fun ruffle thing on the shoulder!

Pardon the bra, again. This top is by Jaloux, and again I can't find it online! I really considered this one, it's my favorite shape for a shirt, and it's sheer in places and solid in others, so you get little peeks of skin here and there without showing too much (except I kind of am here, sorry!).

One more top by Free People:

If it were longer, I probably would have liked it! I'm 5'11, so a lot of shirts tend to be too short on me. Too short + voluminous fabric = hello, 20 extra lbs!

I have no idea who these last two are made by, sadness!

I didn't buy anything, and actually left kind of bummed because I couldn't bring anything with me!

Do you like trying clothes on just for fun, even when you know you are broke, or does it just depress you?

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V said...

I think you have fabulous taste... I'm glad im not the only one bringing my camera to the mall :)