Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The voice behind the news

There was a discussion on the radio earlier that I'm trying to decide how I feel about, so I thought I'd post here and ask for your opinions.

In a nearby town, a man came off an exit ramp at a bad angle and ended up with his car in a retention pond. He called 911, and was calm for most of the call, until the last 30 seconds or so when he started freaking out that he couldn't get out, and was starting to panic. The man ended up drowning, and the debate has been on if news companies should play the 911 audio or not.

Should the news play this kind of audio? Would you want to hear it? Does it add a level of interest to the story, or is it totally insensitive? Have we become desensetized to this kind of thing from movies and tv? Would it make a difference to your opinion if it was a video instead of audio? If it was you, would you want people to hear your last phone call, or have it kept private? Is playing the audio in bad taste, or just a normal part of journalism?

Click here to read the story on the Orlando Sentinel's site. I'm told the audio is already on youtube, if you fall in the "want to hear it" crowd.

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