Thursday, March 03, 2011

1000 Things that Make Me Happy: Part 3

Part 3 of my 1000 Things that Make Me Happy list! Click here to see the rest!

201. Pancakes shaped like things
mom always made us cute shaped pancakes when we were growing up

202. Napping in a hammock
203. A good game of Scrabble
204. Ivy growing up the sides of buildings.
205. Any time Rachel Zoe says something is "bananas".
206. Cast commentaries
207. Epcot's food and wine festival
208. Sexy accents
209. The awesome conditioner that comes in a box of hair dye
210. Finding forgotten money in clothes you haven't worn in a while

211. When the room is lit only by Christmas tree lights
212. When he laces his fingers through mine
213. Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean
214. Heart-shaped strawberries
215. Really soft t-shirts
216. When there is just one left, it is on sale, and it is your size
217. Swinging on swingsets
218. When the free bread that they bring you at the restaurant is awesome.
219. Dipping sauces of almost any kind
220. That feeling of straight alcohol making your lips numb

221. Rubbing someone's shaved head
222. When someone buys you dinner when you're totally broke.
223. Walking on moving sidewalks and feeling like you're going really fast.
224. Dessert samplers
225. My aligator/crocodile shirt

226. Blake Lively's effortless style.
227. Fashion Week
228. The bonus discs for the Lord of the Rings extended trilogy
229. Zebra domes from DAK Lodge
230. Shoes that are works of art
Alexander McQueen shoes

231. Chocolate croissants
232. Really crispy bacon
233. Free samples at Lush
234. Air time on roller coasters
235. Creating new foods
236. Warm clothes just out of the dryer
237. A new book by one of your favorite authors
238. Getting a giant fast food meal for $3
239. Eating cookies you baked while they are still hot
240. Eclipses

241. Tree limbs coated in ice
242. Totally cleaning out your e-mail inbox
243. Strikingly beautiful photography
244. Party photos
245. When one of my cats brings me their toy so I will play with them
246. Landing on the animal shelter space when playing the Crazy Cat Lady board game
247. Garter belts
248. Amazingly-styled runway shows
249. Whipped cream on hot chocolate
250. Flying above the clouds

251. People who hate the same celebrity you do
252. Strong Bad e-mails
253. Pinstripes
254. Ringer tees
255. Friends that know exactly how to cheer you up
256. Being the only person at the pool
257. Snow Cones
258. County fair food
259. Horse shows
260. When someone in the band tosses you their guitar pick.

261. Holding hands
262. Knowing every answer (well, question) an Jeopardy
263. Restaurants with paper tablecloths you can color on.
264. When long-awaited mail finally comes.
265. Listening to a song you've known forever and finding all new meaning in the lyrics.
266. Watching marshmallows expand in the microwave.
267. Having a whole row to myself on a plane.
268. Lip gloss that tastes so good you can't stop reapplying it.
269. Mohawks
270. Birds that talk.

271. Kittens
Sad by *mandamick17 on deviantART
272. Dipping your toes in the water
273. Those rare times my vocal chords cooperate and I can actually sing.
274. Notes scribbled on bar napkins
275. Not being a teenager anymore.

276. Fresh fruit
277. That sense of accomplishment when you finally catch up on laundry.
278. Continental breakfasts
279. Baking, on those rare occasions I'm in the mood to bake
280. Cookies fresh from the oven
can't replace you with a million rings.

281. Watching the animals at the pet store
282. Grape vodka

283. Philosiraptor

284. Waking up to kitty snuggles
Dark Velvet Corpse

285. Watching the animals at DAK Lodge from my favorite spot
286. Salsa verde from Moe's
287. Watching fireworks from the Magic Kingdom cast bus stop
288. Travel books
289. Discovering a new favorite yoga pose
290. Reading fashion magazines in the bath tub

291. Cute teapots
292. Drawing on foggy windows or mirrors
294. Happy hour at Steak n Shake
295. Listening to bootlegs of the U2 PopMart tour (Mofo!)

296. Getting books at the thrift store for like 50 cents.
297. My ruffled black and white underwear
Pardon my French cami set

298. When my cat Cricket actually jumps up into my lap for cuddles- fairly rare for her!
299. Buying organic
300. Moonlight on water

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Shawnya said...

You already put snow cones! (#257 and #136)